Comments for Disneyland’s Rise of the Resistance Suffers Multiple Breakdowns, Guests Learn What to Expect

Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicles

Credit: Emille ITM Reporter


  1. Dpm

    Cast members came out and handed out chips to people who waiting during the break down today.

  2. Allen

    On day 1 Friday night at Disneyland we were told they were stopping the ride at group 113. We had group 118 and expected to ride as it was only 9:45pm. Cast members didn’t give any warning, explanation or compensation. I received a blip of a message saying they couldn’t accomodate us at approx 6:30pm but I couldn’t retrieve the text.

    It’s frustrating to try and attempt any ride via a lottery system. They should give priority numbers for those who fail to ride in past attempts. You’re losing the magic Disney. -A frustrated pass holder.

  3. Matt Brewster

    Diz has had many months to work out the bugs on this thing. And yet, after all the practice runs, it STILL is f-ing up! Maybe it is simply too complex to handle large crowds?

  4. Bonny Bell

    Made my attempt to ride ROTR today, has boarding group 116, all indicated their may be a chance to ride. At around 9:15pm, kids were getting tired and they were boarding group 105, we headed the ride to sit and wait for our group to be called. Came to find out, the ride was closing for the night and no groups last 105 was boarding for the day. As, a manager explained that they had to shutdown so that maintenance could work in the ride overnight, I received notification, that my group would not be boarding. I understand that disclaimer states groups numbers higher than 80 may not board, but it’s frustrating when notification comes 45 minutes after decision makers have decided to shut down the ride at 9pm.
    Which according to the manager, closing the ride at 9/9:30 pm, has been a nightly occurrence since the opening of the ride, due to breakdowns and to allow physical queue to empty out by park closing.

  5. Dale Chaffin

    Stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel so we could be inside the Park at 7:45 AM which is required to apply for the ROTR lottery. Drew 93. Finally allowed to get in line at 8:30 PM. Stood in line for an hour got into a star tours type shuttle which was really pretty cool. The story line says the shuttle is caught in a tractor beam and sucked into an Empire Destroyer. We disembarked into a large room guarded by many Stormtroopers. Again pretty cool. Then through doors into another long line. Wait a minute after waiting in line to get on the ride part of the ride is waiting in line. Not cool. After a while the music stops the bright lights come on some guy yells that’s the third time today. We are escorted out and given a return pass or a fast pass to any ride in the park. By now the kids have been at Disneyland for 13 hours. We must call it a day so the Disney retribution is worthless to us. Very very uncool

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