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Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Disney happy to have crowds and people enjoying their ride! At least your not waiting in insane lines etc. People need to learn to just wait its a theme park and a waiting game. Welcome to fl!

  2. Thargor

    I know it is super frustrating to pay that much money and not get to ride something you were really looking forward to but people need to remember where they really are.
    These are machines, really complicated machines. Tons of parts that all have to work together, tons of electronics that all have to communicate.
    One single thing doesn’t work or doesn’t move at just the right speed at the right time and part or even the whole system goes down.
    Being a ride mechanic/technician myself (not at Disney) I can certainly say that we do not want the rides going down at all and we do everything we can to ensure it doesn’t happen.
    But it can, will, and does happen.

    1. Ian

      Totally agree, anytime you add moving parts/technology to something definitely increases the times the ride can break down. I think the frustrating part for most is that the communication of these incidents. I waited in line with my family for 5hrs for pandora. Only to find out that once we waited 3hrs and got to a Disney worker that the ride is having issues and its going to be probably another 2hrs (which it was). No other communication!! Disney knows we are in the part, so why not blast a message on the apps or have information stations where lines are so people are informed properly rather having to wait to see the time after waiting 3hrs in a line. Disney knows they have lines but do a piss poor job controlling them but seem to think that its ok to allow more people to enter the part. I’ve been going to Disney before kids and after when i started to have a family. Disney is becoming the least magical place on earth….

  3. Alyssa

    Disney has already stated countless times a pass is not guaranteed. Disney cannot predict the outcome of how the ride will work, but I commend them on their progress. Rise of the Resistance is exceptional work. Even if not guaranteed a chance to ride, you are given alternatives. Offering snacks and having character interactions in the lines is more than enough of the Disney difference when the ride breaks down.

  4. Chris

    Not sure why there are so many “breakdowns” being reported but one would think that they would have backup systems in place for something this expensive to create, extra projectors or animatronics that could be swapped out.

  5. Ian

    Pandora had the same issues except there was no virtual queue and people would get stuck in line for 4-6 hrs without knowing what the issue was. Disney needs to communicate better via the apps why the waits are so long so people can enjoy the rest of the part. All that technology and they still need a human to say the ride “may” be broke down!! It just seems that Disney hurry’s to get these areas made but doesn’t do enough quality insurance to deal with the level of strain.

  6. Dan

    Honestly, what is the difference between getting to the park early so that you can get a boarding pass, and getting to the park early to go and stand in line? At least with the boarding pass you can go and enjoy other rides, eat, go to the bathroom…I know I would prefer to get the pass and wait to be called than stand in a 10 hour line.

  7. Brian

    I was there on 19 Dec and arrived at the park 2 hours after opening. I was able to get into a “standby” boarding group (114) and was able to ride around 4PM. Just one example that you may not need to be there so early. I love the idea of the boarding groups so you are not spending 6 hours in a line and can experiance other things at Hollywood Studios until your slot opens up.

  8. David

    We were there last week. 2 days we tried to get in a boarding group that would actually get to ride. Both days we got into a standby group that didn’t make it. We were inside the park both days by 6:15 am, only 15 minutes after opening. Horrible that a group of 6 couldn’t get on the ride. One of the reasons we went was for that ride. Good thing we are DVC members and will be back in the near future. Hopefully our luck will get better next time.

  9. SharkyMonorail

    When there’s a line, you choose whether or not to wait. When there are boarding groups which are all full (most days) within just moments of the park opening, many Guests are not able to choose at all. What if you are delayed on your WDW provided transportation to the park and can’t make it at 5:30 a.m.? In order to allow boarding groups to have essentially no wait, it is required that many, many, many Guests cannot choose to wait. Disney’s various virtual queues and virtual queue services (FP, FP+, MaxP, Boarding Groups) do not solve problems better or more fairly than open lines always have.

  10. Mickey

    Rode ROTR 4 times New Years Eve. Amazing ride

    1. L

      not buying that lie for a second. there’s no way someone can get to ride it multiple times due to assigned boarding groups unless it broke down each time you rode more than halfway through and they gave you return passes. especially on new year’s eve.

  11. Kim

    Rode ROTR yesterday at Disneyland’s Cast Preview (I’m not a cast member) but we’ve experienced some of the same issues. We picked up our virtual cue number at a fastpass kiosk. When our number was finally called (virtual cue froze for 2 hrs…maybe a breakdown?) We hopped in line only to be stopped by the announcement that they broke down (again). Waited for about an hour and a half before it was running again. By the time we got to the actual ride, something else wasn’t working because they were running it at half capacity making a “15 min experience” a “30 min experience” waiting rooms were longer but all special effects and animatronics were great.

  12. Trenton

    I’ll be honest, the whole boarding group thing has me a little on edge, considering how crazy it has been for Walt Disney World. How it will go in Disneyland remains to be seen. I won’t be able to experience the ride until April, so hopefully by then things have somewhat cooled down. Still, kind of nervous about how that will go.

  13. Mike

    Lots of great advice out there on tips to get on the ride. But one crucial step that is never mentioned is your ticket has to be paired with your app. I missed this step and it cost me 3 minutes. I ended up in Boarding Group 98! I still got on but it was tense there for awhile!

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