VIDEO: Meet the Real-Life Perdita from 101 Dalmatians with A Record Breaking Litter

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May 8th of 2017 brought some famous pups to center stage, as Dalmatian mother Miley (formal name: Sarasota From Russia With Love owned by Jade Martin) birthed a record-breaking litter of 18 Dalmatian puppies! As far as we’re concerned, she’s the Real-Life Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, even surpassing our fantasy dog’s litter by 3! If you’re looking around for Pongo, his name is Astro, owned by professional breeder Ceclia Langton-Bunker, in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

real-life perdita 18 puppies
Credit: Herald Sun Newspaper, Mark Stewart and CC Dalmatians

Perdita and her Pongo

Miley carried the 18 puppies for 63 days before they were born, laboring for over 13.5 hours and producing (up to that point) 16 puppies. When another two were born, they knew it was a special day. According to the Australian channel 9 News, the Dalmatian’s vet only saw three puppies on the sonogram, so to have an end result of 18 is quite amazing! There were 12 females and 6 males in the litter. A typical Dalmatian litter is around 10 with first-time parents producing a bit less, but we understand this to have been Miley and Astro’s first litter!

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VIDEO: The Real-Life Perdita and her record-breaking litter

This video, made by the breeder CC Dalmatians, captures Miley and her puppies in the early days. Watch their spots appear and tiny legs grow stronger. It’s pretty amazing that all those tiny babies were brought into the world by one Mama!

Just this summer, a different Dalmatian mama in Australia broke Miley’s litter record by one, with a litter of 19 puppies! If we’re not on our way to 101 spotted puppies in the country of Australia, then I’m not sure what’s going on! You can follow CC Dalmatians on their Facebook page here and below.

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Real Life Aristocats

Earlier this year, Inside The Magic found a family of kittens in Texas that all too closely resembled real-life Aristocats! Check out the incredible properly colored kittens and the cute accessories donned on each!

What would you name your Disney Dalmatian puppy or cute Kitty? Let us know in a comment below!

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