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  1. Rebel porg

    Dude take your own advice its just a tv show also watch the show before you comment as others have before commented theres nothing wrong w this show! Theres way worse things on disney channel have those tween shows where there yelling and beating each other up and not making up is way worse then befriending a witch or a demon! I am christian but my best friend is wicca and she is the nicest person and i think thats what this show is teaching kids… theres plenty of people out there and to not be afraid to be their friend bc they are different! If we are so afraid of each other and whats out there over a cartoon then its a sad world we live in!

    1. Marian Smith

      Not hating man, but the main character almost gets eaten/killed every episode. I can think of just three characters in the first season that wouldn’t take advantage of/ eat/ kill the main character if she weren’t their friend. Personally, when it comes to shows, books, etc. I just usually ignore a lot for the sake of jokes, entertainment, and feels. But then I wonder what I’m ignoring with shows sometimes and guilt kinda sets in that I trade my morals so easily for entertainment.

    2. I think you are deluded guy. What is worse than a kid befriending a demon? Have you any idea what you’re saying? Wake up!

      1. Fae

        idk man… oh wait, so many things. You rather a kid taking drugs? being a serial killer???

  2. Vulcan Witch

    This is one of the most insanely stupid things I’ve read in a long while. You didn’t even pretend to explain how cartoon demon could possibly result in real world evil and are obviously just offended by it (incredibly) on religious grounds. And while I’m not in favor of censoring Looney Tunes either… did you really say at the end that demons are more of a concern than guns??

    1. Tom

      Best comment here! Broke down the writing perfectly.

      This is just insane silly talk. The issue with opinion pieces is that they’re not positioned as opinion. Many of the points are delivered as facts in the vein of, “duh, we all know!” But, maybe we don’t know…or agree. Can’t something that is counter to your personal belief exist in this world as well? Outside of “Angels = good. Demons = bad”, is the writer suggesting this should be removed from TV? If so, that non-accepting viewpoint isn’t very religious.

    2. I think you are deluded guy. What is worse than a kid befriending a demon? Have you any idea what you’re saying? Wake up!

      1. gabriel

        copy and paste the same comment, please ma’am, wake up you, and stop worrying about nonsense

  3. NeonRaccoonParty

    Bro your takes are so bad. Do not bring religion into an article about a cartoon. Just stick to reporting please.

  4. Arik

    Nailed it. Don’t let the detractors bother you since they’re using the same old tired arguments and offer nothing of structure.

    The truth is demons and witchcraft are real. It’s not relegated to religions. These are real entities and very dangerous. And telling kids aligning with demons is fun and shenanigans is a horrible message to send.

    Praying this show runs into horrible production disasters.

    1. Tom

      The detractors are using he same old arguments? That’s funny. People like you haven’t had a new argument in 100s of years. Demons and witches are only real in your head. Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds to say those things exist? Get yourself evaluated for mental illness, because that’s only a thing crazy people think. Very Christian of you to pray for someones failure. You’ve obviously read the Bible pretty well. What a joke

      1. Jennifer

        Demons ARE real. And yes, the Bible actually does condone praying for the failure of evil things.

        1. Rey

          I’m a christian and watch the show. i see nothing wrong with the show. im just seeing an overprotective person on the internet yapping that The Owl House, a fictional show is evil. are you saying Harry Potter and Gravity Falls is evil? how about Lord Of the Rings or Star Vs The forces of evil? its stupid. your praying for something that wont effect kids in any way. there are worst things out there than this tv show, karen

          1. Marian Smith

            Well, to be fair the main character is aligning herself with the forces of darkness and the show jokes about it. It’s not monsters/ alternate realm pointy-eared magical elves, it’s demons/demon realm. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen a good amount of the Owl House and I love it almost completely. It’s just also disconcerting as crap. I can only pretend it’s monsters in a magical realm for so long just for enjoyment. It’s hard to continue the show also when most of the people Luz encounters and eventually befriends wouldn’t even blink to kill/eat her if she didn’t have Eda and King for protection.

    2. Kenneth Cox


      just prove demons and witchcraft exists.

      oh, and when you do, collect your Nobel prize

  5. This is awful

    This is coming from a site that constantly has Harry Potter news. I’ve been thinking this site has been going downhill for a while. Now I know it truly has.

  6. Dundee10

    Arik said it well. Thanks for posting this article.

  7. WDWMagic.com, here I come

    Inside The Magic needs to do something about this guy, man. I am ALL for freedom of speech and such, but a Disney News Site is not the place to push your religious based insecurities on your readers. This comes off as condescending, preachy, and worst of all judgemental and accusatory.

    I’m sorry to leave this site, as I view it at least five times a day, but I can find Disney news elsewhere. What I can’t do, is give views to a site that allows someone a platform to push their religious beliefs onto others.

    I read the Rise of Resistance article, and whereas I disagreed with it, it was harmless, just a man’s opinion. But this is a slippery slope. Youbwant to post this take on Reddit? Cool, by all means, but to think that someone is getting paid in add revenue because I clicked on an article that is essentially and aggressively pushing one mans religious agenda onto others grossed me out.

    I hope everyone at this site is happy with the direction it is going. But as for me. I’m gone.

  8. Michelle Anderson

    According to the Indianapolis Star three children in Indiana from the same house showed signs of demon possession. A psychologist saw the nine-year-old child walk up a wall backwards. Medical staff saw one of the children thrown into a wall with nobody touching him. Ask the mother of these children if demons are a laughing matter. There is a spiritual realm and good and evil. It would be best not to confuse the two. Ask yourself if demons exist, where did they come from? There is a Creator God, and demons are proof beyond the wonder of creation we can see.

    1. Tom

      Omg, the fact that you actually believe that is literally insane. Demons are not a real thing. The mother in that story was abusing her children. Just stop already.

    2. WWP

      Oh for god’s sake, what the psychologists actually said was that the mother was delusional and the poor children were coerced into saying what she wanted them to say. It was an episode of “ghost adventures” on the Travel Channel LOL….
      Don’t be so freaking gullible or you’ll end up giving all your money to someone who calls from the IRS who wants you go buy gift cards to pay off your tax debt. While there are evil people, demons don’t exist anymore than the tooth fairy does.

    3. Noelle

      walking up the wall backwards is an act taken from every single horror movie in existence. It’s doubtful that any kind of demon possession would do a crabwalk down the stairs like Linda Blair. lol

  9. Tom

    How is this nonsense on this site? This author would rather that kids are exposed to cartoon characters carrying around guns than demons. Demons are not a real thing and guns are. What an absolutely insane thing to post. Keep your politics and religion out of Disney. I’m seriously disgusted with this article. It’s a cartoon.

    1. Mark

      Disney never brought polotics into it its everyone one else that does though religion or some lesson to learn will always be there! Its called the gospels according to disney its a fascinating read! Its also bc disney was a family man and very religious person! He did not want to shove it down a throat but he still wanted the message of kindness goodness etc to always remain n teach a lesson! I think this show does that its the world we live in and tj proves it and thats where politics and a pc world comes in! I like to just wonder why we all can not get a long!? I think this show where a girl a nice witch and a good demon can is proof we need we can we obviously just do not want too if we are arguing about a cartoon!

      1. Editor from Heaven

        You really should work on your line breaks and punctuation,
        It’s more work to read your response than it was worth.

  10. John

    By the way, as a childless millennial, you have absolutely no business saying what’s right and wrong for children. That would be like me lecturing you on being a moron. You’re an expert already on being a moron and I’m not, so my advice wouldn’t be helpful to you. I hope you don’t have any advertisers, because the next thing is to find out how your advertisers feel about your site advocating for kids to be exposed to guns instead of non-existent demons. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. A fan

      There is nothing I can add to this. Well spoken, John.

  11. Chiffon

    I see your “There is no such thing as a Good Demon” and raise you “There is no such thing as a demon”.

    1. Bryan

      I am constantly disappointed that American “Christians” are so ungodly–and that is 100% the correct word here–in their constant determination to fail to live up to actual Christian ethics and morality.

      It is not your place to judge others. It IS your place to recognize that other people have differing views and to let them have whatever views they wish.

      For instance, as someone who has studied ALL of the world’s religions, I can state unequivocally that YOUR premise that all demons are inherently bad is invalid. You clearly haven’t bothered to do ANY research before making your inane claim. But well done for spouting a limited view prompted by bias and bigotry.

      I don’t believe demons or angels exist. But religion as a whole takes a WIDE view of demons and not all of them are inherently evil. Djinns have no inherent morality but ARE demons by the worldview of their believers. Do you have a problem with the Genie in Aladdin? Do you think Disney should remove that film or story? Because guess what–he’s a demon. That’s right. Genie is a D’Jinn-ie . That’s all the proof I need to know exactly how ridiculous, poorly researched and entirely worthless your ‘opinion’ is here.

      While we’re at it, Mr. Judeo-Christian, are you aware that both Solomon and Moses worked with demons according to the JEWISH PART of the Judeo-Christ mythology? Or are you one of those people who say Judeo-Christian but really only MEAN “my tiny piece of a specific Protestant cult splinter?” Because if your going to make an argument of ANYTHING Judeo-Christian, you should at first make sure that it works as an opinion that is bolstered by ALL of those religious segments. Otherwise, you make yourself look at best foolish and in reality small minded and ignorant of your own religion’s history.

      This is the worst op-ed I’ve seen on any blog in years. This website has been getting worse over the last year. The writing has become puerile, the research shoddy and the info behind the curve. And yet none of that comes CLOSE to how bad this piece is. As a Christian, you ought to be ashamed of how badly you make Christians look. And you ought to actually learn more about your religion before you open your mouth on ANY topic concerning it again.

      Absolutely shameful.

      1. Child Yoda

        Well said Bryan.

        Sad journalism angle here, articles repeated trying to cash by intentionally provoking debate to make themselves relevant.
        Hmmm… good or evil?

      2. A fan

        Great response.
        Not only that, I also learned a thing or two. I had no idea that the Jewish view on demons was so much more interesting than the wide-spread Christian (fundamentalist) one.

  12. Michelle

    It’s all fake and I will 100% let my son watch this show. It looks fun and I’m going to be watching it with him.

  13. jojo

    For better or worse, this seems to be the state of this company and the entertainment industry in general. Disney is so woke they no longer delineate good and bad in many of their films. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars comes to mind as does Maleficent. Everything is grey now with no black and white.

    1. A weeping Angel

      You do realize that people do not fall into good/bad camps only?
      I get this argumentation when talking about children shows. I do not share it, but I get where you are coming from. You want kids to see a very clear version of morality, so that they are not confused to what is right or wrong. Foolish, but understandable.

      But why do you underestimate kids so much? Children are able to absorb more complicated narratives than most adults give them credit for (The Last Airbender, Adventure Time or Steven Universe come to mind, heck, British children are traditionally brought up with Doctor Who).

      But what I find incredibly foolish is to throw in The Last Jedi into this argument. This is a movie that is part of a franchise which very much prides itself on being complex and morally interesting. Why do you want to keep a simple cookie-cutter morality in there? Seems like Rian Johnson took a very interesting step into broadening the scope of what these movies can say about humanity. (And this point stands even if you think he created the worst movie ever. His work’s quality nonwithstanding, the attempt to open the franchise for more interesting storytelling is to be commanded).

  14. Dobby

    I watched the first episode and it’s not even clear that the creature in question is an actual demon. At first the witch makes the girl get a ‘magic crown’ that supposedly will restore the creature’s magical power, but it turns out to just be Burger King type paper crown and the creature has no actual powers, it’s just a thing he likes. He appears to be just a cute Pokemon style creature at this point. As for the witch, I get where you’re coming from, but food witches were a thing since the Wizard of Oz.

    1. jojo

      MMMMMM food witches.

  15. Linda J Cundiff

    I, as a witch/pagan, find you appalling for thinking witchcraft is playing with demons. Seriously. I see more demons in Christianity than I do any other religion in the world. Pagans love and are peaceful makers. At least we worship nature and attract better people who are nice, caring and loving people. Christians tend to hate and spread hateful messages in the world. Fear is bs and so is your god.

    1. Harley

      I am catholic and i unlike other chirstian groups would love if we could all coexist! I have many friends whom are of other religions including wiccan and we say the same! I hate how tv shows and esp movies give the wrong idea of wiccans amongst the world whom believes in it its up there w thinking all muslims are evil! People need to just stop the hate and open their eyes we are all human and that means we are all different! Also this is just a cartoon!

      1. Harley

        Ps. Theres more darker situations on other cartoons like my little pony gravity falls etc. and much more parents can get upset w in other shows! As a mom i was more upset at the other tween show i saw where the kids whom do mean things and its all ok theres no apologizing or making things right which you should be teaching kids instead not they do something bad and its ok! But we are discussing a cartoon!

        1. People Purple Eater

          Absolutely, supernatural elemts are stupid to get enraged about.
          But as you say, we have a plethora of kids/teen shows that simply show extremely abusive behavior as acceptable.
          Much more dangerous to a child’s development if you ask me.

  16. Gumi

    You really give off the vibes of my mother who threw away all my drawings of pokemon saying they were demons ?completely destroyed any love I had for drawing. Which btw is what this show looks like its aiming for. It shows how adults put down children’s make believe worlds and ultimately destroy any creativity they may have. Any character you make, demon or not it’s easy to understand if a character does bad things they are bad doesn’t matter what form they take. So, don’t know why this is such a big deal. (forgive my grammar)

  17. Kenneth Cox

    I’m going to let you in on something.

    Come closer to make sure you read this clearly.


    That is all.

  18. K

    Those who like witchcraft and fantasy don’t care, they will defend themselves in ignorance. This is evil and no my children won’t be watching this. Not even close.

    1. wagyu

      ‘Evil’ comes from:
      Damage, desperation, dysfunction.

      Evil is not a force; evil is a bi-product.

      1. Marian Smith

        Wagyu, Lol. Everything wants to eat/kill the main character who is desperate to learn magic and is rooming with a dysfunctional witch. Just sayin’.

  19. THOMAS

    This article is nothing more than superstitious ignorance masquerading as critique. The number of superlatives that are currently popping into my head to decry this article’s stupidity are too many to type. The author needs to get a clue or just go away.

  20. Rob

    Shut the f up. It’s a kids tv show you brain dead monkeys. If you don’t like it, change the channel. Stop trying to turn people into idiots with this crap.

  21. Hooty

    i think you’re an absolute idiot, hoot hoot!

    1. Amity

      i swear if you stupid bird-tube ever talks to me again-

      but yeah they are full of crap

  22. Yera Nidiot

    *points and laughs*
    Lmao get over yourself soon

  23. It seems like every year Netflix explodes with more and more original content, and now there is enough original series and films coming in 2020 for you to fill up every single one of those 365 days. Whether it’s animated shows aimed at the youngest of watchers, series from nearly every country in the world, or genre content, there’s something to fill every niche. 

  24. Elizabeth Smock

    This is exactly the sort of drivel my mom made me read when I was in high school and she was afraid I would become a Satanist because I listened to Ozzy Osbourne. What completely idiotic muck. Fanaticism gives good religious people and teachings a bad name. Stick to park news and such and leave theology and psychology to the experts, please.

  25. Elizabeth Smock

    Oh, and I completely forgot to ask–do you have a problem with Genie in Aladdin? Go look up jinni/djinn/genies. Many of the myths explicitly call them demons from another realm. Yeah, about that . . .

  26. Heather

    I’m posted this on another related thread. I’m a longtime Pagan who never thought the Harry Potter books harmed anyone. JK Rowling’s stories always made a clear moral distinction between good vs. evil magic, which is why I felt other faith-based folks shouldn’t be upset by them.

    However, The Owl House is a COMPLETELY different cartoon which actually makes fun of “goody goody” magic and actively promotes Satanic/Luciferian sorcery (Hey kids, guess who ‘King’ really is! (He’s a goat demon, not a dog)). There’s a cynical reason ‘King’s’ voice is exactly like Bill Cipher’s from Gravity Falls – they’re both demons – they’re both evil. Shows like this are meant to -normalize- black magic by riding the coattails of shows with more mainstream Earth-based Pagan themes (like Hilda) that want nothing to do with evil magic.

    Gateways, doors, & portals are important in Left-Hand Path magic. The fact the owl door guardian ‘Hooty’s voice is meant to sound like Mickey Mouse makes a great in-joke to dark occultists.

    The characters are effectively engaging but are surrounded by symbols like the Left-Hand-Path Evil Eye (such as the one on Eda’s house, her couch, & traveling mirror-portal suitcase), Satanic gates of Inception motifs, the twinned satanic SS, & Baphomet crown-inspired lamps & wallpaper.

    And last but not least, the head principal at the Magic School actually wears a Devil mask, which is about as obvious as one can get. In this way, ‘The Owl House’ is not hiding anything & makes its intentions fairly clear.

  27. QM

    Hi I’m just a simple catholic girl who is still in middle school and is trying hard to be accepting of everyone. I might be young but I try to learn to love instead of hate. I have been taught since I was little that God loves us all no matter what we do and wishes us nothing but happiness in the world. The fact that people are hating on someone else’s success and show and call themselves followers of the Lord really just makes me sad. Jesus himself while he was slowly dying and in agony on the cross begged God to forgive us humans and not punish us because no matter what people did to him he still loved us. We aren’t supposed to hate, just love and forgive. @Arik I just want to personally say to you that nowhere in the bible does it say to pray for the failure of others. It says that you are supposed to love your enemies. A disciple once asked Jesus, how many times do we forgive someone, once? twice? and Jesus replied that you should forgive someone 77 times if you have to. I personally love this show and it is one of my favorites. It isn’t teaching us anything bad it is just a really good, funny show that can help you get through these hard times. I personally think that this show actually teaches you to be accepting of people and helps you be a better person contrary to what the article says.

  28. Ok, but here’s the thing with our obsession with demons: they are a really efficient way to express people’s flaws and encourages people to look below immediate appearances. It is essentially teaching children to evaluate people with a critical eye and see people as more complicated than simply good or bad. Simply put, Disney’s demon realm is a *metaphor* for experiencing different things and meeting unfamiliar people. Christian lore is pretty much cemented in our entertainment culture, and not being able to switch it around every now and again would make for some bland entertainment, especially if we were never able to explore grey morality.
    Now a hypothetical: how do you know there were never any good demons? The Bible surely cannot examine every single demon in Hell, so it stands to reason that there could be a demon doing charity work down there. Also, angels are clearly capable of evil if angels like Azazel can fall, so if absolute good beings do not exist, maybe absolute evil ones, like demons, don’t exist either?
    Food for thought, but I’m just ecstatic for season two!

    1. ezlab

      With all due respect, the definition of a demon by most/ all Christians and Catholics is a angel who disobeyed God. Fallen anglers are demons. All demons according to Christian teachings are angels who disobeyed God. Thus your argument that there could be a good demon contradicts the definition of a demon. Think of it this way, angels and demons are many ways the same type of creatures, the reason they have different names is because of their behaviour. Also, demons are incapable of redemption since their choice is eternal. I don’t mean to offend you in anyway, but I believe you are running a different definition than the author of the article and Christian (who I imagine are the intended audience of your post).

  29. Rei

    I am catholic and I think this show is absolutely amazing!!! I think this show teaches kids some very valuable life lessons. I’ve watched this show three times already and I don’t see anything demonic/satanic about this show. Its creative as hell, funny, and wholesome. Just because it has demons in it doesn’t automatically make it evil. Anyways, have a good day and wear your seat belts!!!

  30. Livi

    I think it’s an amazing show. I’ve watched every episode that’s currently out and it shares amazing life lessons. There are things that even represent the struggle of being chronically ill, disabled, or part of other minorities. The main character has a neurological disorder, is lgbtq, and is a POC. And it teaches kids that it’s ok to be different. In all honesty i don’t see why everyone believes this show is not suitable for children while there is another show (Which I also love) that shows a child being stabbed. In the end, It’s really an overall amazing shows that teaches good morals while having its own special style.

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