Sweet Pastels Paint the new Lady and the Tramp Loved One Mini Backpack Available at Box Lunch

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Lady and the Tramp Loungefly

“Pidge, when you’re footloose and collar-free, well, you take nothing but the best.” Loungefly has delivered to us an adorable pastel mini backpack featuring baby Lady and the Tramp! This purse, set with di-cut Lady, Tramp and butterflies is called the Loungefly Disney Lady and the Tramp Loved One Mini Backpack, an exclusive Loungefly offering from Box Lunch.

lady and the tramp loungefly backpack purse
Credit: Boxlunch.com

Lady and the Tramp Loved One Mini Backpack Details

The inside of the purse is a soft pink, which we’re pretty sure Darling and baby would approve of. It’s light enough to where you won’t lose your keys and can see any pesky rats tromping about. The zipper and studded hardware are bronze, which is both complementary to the color scheme and reminiscent of the hardware that would be found inside Lady’s house! You’ll find the classic inside zipper option as well as those irreplaceable outside pockets for your phone or other dog treats.

The front is graced by those aforementioned di-cut details, but also Lady’s sweet doghouse and the Darling and Jim Dear family home. It’s completely charming that the victorian style house holds true to its animated inspiration.

inside loungefly lady
Credit: Boxlunch.com
loungefly lady and tramp backpack straps
Credit: Boxlunch.com

A Box Lunch Exclusive

Much like all the amazing sidekick Loungefly mini backpacks we shared last month, this Loungefly Disney Lady and the Tramp Loved One Mini Backpack is a Box Lunch Exclusive. You’ll only be able to pick this up in-store or here at BoxLunch.com.  There are a few other Lady and the Tramp items for sale at Box Lunch like the spaghetti watch, enamel keychain set, and a hologram/lenticular pin featuring the spaghetti kiss!  Collect all these love-inspired Lady and the Tramp items as we lead up to Valentine’s Day!

Lady and The Tramp House animation cell
Credit: Disney Animation

Here’s where we were first tipped off to this amazing baby Lady purse. It makes us want to head to Main Street, U.S.A. at Walt Disney World Resort and get a photo with the paw prints outside of Tony’s! Either that, or we’re hunting down Lady’s original style house and promptly moving in.

lady and the tramp loungefly mini backpack
Credit: Boxlunch.com

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