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Cinderella / Hogwarts Castle


  1. I’d you be willing to take on this adventure. In fact, I’d be great to apply. Reason being that I’ve been an enthusiast for theme parks since I was 6. I’ve been studying the history and details of a wide array of theme parks, shows and attractions from Disney to Universal, etc. I also keep up with special events and updates on existing parks and upcoming attractions that’s around various parks, such as the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the upcoming Universal’s Epic Universe.

  2. I’d you be willing to take on this adventure. In fact, I’d be great to apply. Reason being that I’ve been an enthusiast for theme parks for many years. I’ve been studying the history and details of a wide array of theme parks, shows and attractions from Disney to Universal, etc. I also keep up with special events and updates on existing parks and upcoming attractions that’s around various parks, such as the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the upcoming Universal’s Epic Universe.

  3. Francisco J Munoz

    This would be a wonderful adventure! I would love to apply for this because ever since I can remember, I have always been to these parks, I have always wanted to explore them deep and make sure to do everything in them. Through the years I have studied through their histories as well as details and been up to date. Sure some of their attractions are gone but I would love to experience their new ones. This would be an amazing once in a lifetime oppurtunity to experience

    1. Kimberly jauch

      My twin sister and I would love this experience! We live and breath Disney and adventures! Check us out on travel with the twins on YouTube!

    2. Leslie kissane

      I love to take this opportunity I have been a huge disney fan since I was a little kid my dream would to be a character at disney. I would be a good candidate for this opportunity because I’m 19 and can appeal to the young adults community and I’m not scared of the rides I love to taste.new food. I hope you pick me

  4. Christina

    I’d Absolutely be perfect for this. Being a current pass holder to Disney I could save the company money for the cost of admission and discounts on the souvenirs, plus I know the secrets to the best spots for pictures of the parades and I know how to get into the most exclusive dining experiences, not to mention the discounted cost for the dining. My Husband is a DV ( Disabled Vet) or if I took one of my adult Children who are on the spectrum, we could easily book the rides faster more in one day than most because we don’t have to be in the standby lines for hours. Sign me up.

  5. Yes please! I’m a professional photographer who LOVES Disney. I’m a huge foodie as well.
    Three weeks exploring the sights and sounds of not only one but two theme parks would be amazing!
    Sign me up!

    1. Oooo as a WDW fan since my first visit in 1988 when there was only Magic Kingdom and Epcot (Center) to more recent visits, where I’ve taken my family and experienced so many new adventures.

      I’d love to share the journey with your customers – I enjoy taking a few snaps along the way, which I sometimes artfully tweak. I’m honest, experienced and eager to please, so any aspects you want covering – I’m your girl!

  6. Alex Tuttle

    Please pick me! I love the parks! We have never been to any of the water parks but we love researching and giving feedback. Its been a struggle lately and we really need a boost!

    1. You need to be a UK resident to do this…

    2. Liz

      You need to be a UK resident to apply. Sorry folks 🙁

  7. Diamond Fejedelem

    I would love this opportunity, it would be such a wonderful blessing!

  8. Nic G

    My wife and I have been going to Disney/Universal every year for the 7 years we’ve been together. We can work the ins and outs of the theme parks better than the employees themselves. We typically ride 15-20 rides every day we’re at Disney seeing as we can maneuver the parks quickly and use Fastpass+ to its full potential. We’d love to be able to do this and give feedback on all the best rides/eats inside the parks. We’ve already been able to experience most of these things first hand, and would have an inside track on giving other people the best info on what they should try and what they should avoid! Please pick us!

  9. My husband and I are big Disney World fanatics. I grew up going to Disney world with my family and some of my fondest memories are at the parks. My husband and I have actually spent our last two anniversaries at Disney world. Not only do I love the parks, I also am in love with Walt Disney and his story. I think it is spectacular and insane how one man and his brother were able to accomplish so much through their creativity. With that being said, I feel I am well suited for the job. I have never been to Universal Studios in Florida, however I had the privilege to go to the one in Japan and it was fantastic. Taking all this into consideration, I also have a great understanding of social media. I am going to school for marketing, so I have had to take a ton of classes on business and social media marketing/advertising. I am a huge Facebook and Instagram lover, and I also enjoy YouTube! With all that being said, I feel I am the perfect critic for this job. My husband and I would be able to give first hand feedback of the parks and all they offer for couples. Also, since I have spent family vacations there, I know what attractions are well suited for the whole family. I would love to be considered for this job.

  10. Jessica Morgia

    This would be an amazing opportunity for me as I currently live in South Florida about 2.5 hours from WDW and Universal. I have been going to these theme parks since I was a young kid and my family has had season passes throughout the years. Things are always changing and I love following the updates online and going to the park to experience new things. I enjoy reading and learning about the history of the attractions, how things were created, and all this Disney.

  11. I would love if you picked me. I love both Disney and Universal. It would be awesome to show the excitement I feel when I walk around the parks. It would be awesome! I would be an honest critic and would be honored if I was chosen for the job.

  12. Stacey A Kuttaineh

    I would love to pick me.of I love to do to the parkso I think it would make for a great video and viewpoint as I am in a wheelchair that way you can see the parks from my point of view and you can see what people in a wheelchair can do there what people in wheelchair can experience at the theme parks and went there for you is like and how the accessibility is plus I’m a die-hard Disney and I also love universali love to ride all the rides k love all the food and I just love everything about the parks plus I have I lot of knowledge about the parks I also know a lot of tips and tricks for guests visiting the park

  13. Tasha

    UK Residents Only!


      I was waiting to see who else realized this ?

    2. Yeah that was a disappointing realization.

  14. Marissa

    Please pick me. So m great at taking photos imkid at heart. People always telling me I should review things like food because I legit try everything and anything. I’m a huge disney fan. I love Disney so much. My plus one would be my bf because he never had the full on experience to Disney. I would love to show him everything as I’m reviewing everything. I am not from the UK tho. But I hope I can still win this.

  15. Cielo

    I think I’m perfect for this job! For a few key reasons, I’ve worked for both companies and current still work at one of them. I’ve been going to Disney and Universal ever since I can remember. Dreaming I could be a part of all the shows and the rides always kept me coming back. Disney has my fun and dreamy mode, while Universal has my adventurous, wild, action packed mode. Nothing would make me happier than go spend time at both because they both hold my heart like no other.

  16. Jane-Maria Scrase

    Me me me! I’m Just am ordinary mum/grandma who adores everything Disney! Plus I can wear my tinkerbell fairy wings again!

  17. Michael Crandell

    Probably important to note, that this is valid for United Kingdom residents only. US residents may not apply.

  18. Kate

    This is a job I am 110% ready to do! My schedule is very flexible as I am self employed. I love Disney and Universal! I believe I can give in depth reviews that can reach various age groups!

  19. Janice B

    This is only open to residents of the UK

  20. Megan Fults

    I LOVE all things Disney!!! I’ve not had the chance to go to WDW yet because we live in Utah and it’s very expensive to get there. This would be a dream for me! I’ve always wanted to work with or in something that deals with Disney!! I would love this.

  21. Dimitri

    Wow this is a dream come true. I definitely love to take on an adventure like this especially with a friend that has never been to these theme parks in their life would also be a dream for them. I grew up going to all these theme parks but to actually go there and review and observe things is just wow amazing I’d love to take on this adventure and be a part of this magical experience.

  22. Melissa

    I’m already in Florida, only 30 minutes from the parks, so I would save you the money on air fare!

  23. Brandon Shirley

    It is my dream to work and play at Disney. I am 42 but when I get to Disney world , I feel 12 years old at heart.

  24. Virginia Oddo

    I think this is a great idea and a positive way to get true feedback from someone who visits these places. Allowing them the ability to truly share what they have experienced. I would love to be a part of it because I really love roller coasters and amusement parks. I also love filming and writing and think I could share the pros and cons of each place.

  25. Beverly Moore

    Well you probably would not pick me an a friend for I have never been too your parks..I
    have always wanted to go..I love to explore things in life
    I drive 40 states an Canada. I have not been on a vacation in 20 years…this is a once in a life time for me…I am a healthy female, not tied down to anything ,,,to where I couldn’t come to if I was picked to go. I think it is a awsome thing that you are giving someone to be able to come an injoy something like
    this…it would be an honor to do this..
    ThNk you for reading this….
    Beverly Moore,,270 799 1249

  26. Beverly Moore
    Hi,,I think this is awsome to let someone do this..Iv never been there,, I love them parks.
    It would be an honor to come to your park..I do what is called ) hot shot loads ) Iv not had a vacation in 15 years,,( I’m ready to get one )) I do 40 states an Canada,,,,,I run 7 days,,I have a baby sister that goes crazy over Micky.. I’m not like these other people on their apps..they do photos or a person that has been to your park,,I’m just an everday worker
    I want to thank you for reading this,,an you have a wonderful an blessed day, on ya have a wounderful new year of 2020.
    Thank you again,,Bev. Moore
    3603 Barren River, Bowling Green Ky,,4210,,,

  27. Jennie

    My name is Jennie and I think I would be perfect for this! I have loved Disney since as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to go and work in Disney been a long time dream! I think this would be the perfect experience and the best opportunity to see Disney from both sides. I would love to review and share my experience!!

  28. This is amazing! I would love to do this cause I’m from Brazil and I know a lot of people from here that go every year and I always heard the same thing (or similar). I would like to point out a few things about the restaurants and varieties. The parades are my favorite part, but there are also caveats to some things. I include the shows in this, especially the Friendship Fair. everything is very magical and Disney is my favorite place in the world no doubt. but I think there are some lil things that can improve more.
    I love to visit Fairytale Hall, the Hall of Presidents, etc. i love to know about the story, I love everything about disney

  29. Having never been to any Disney attractions, I would be able to offer a completely fresh perspective. It seems to me that what is required for this role is an eye for detail, combined with writing skills and a penchant for offering detailed feedback. I possess all of these qualities. I’m also available at the drop of a hat and have a long list of amazing friends from which to select the best partner to join me on the adventure.

  30. Eric O

    Is this for UK residents only?!? Cuz I want to apply!!

  31. Rebecca

    This is a awesome opportunity and a fun one ..I would love to experience this .. been a native to Florida since I was 4 and I do all the theme parks yearly ..

  32. Tekenya Williams

    This is the moment I have been waiting on. I just don’t have any words to describe my enthusiasm towards Disney world! I am a college student, currently looking into the internships with Disney. I dress my dogs up as Disney characters and made a Disney theme Christmas tree and wreath. I swam with the dolphins at sea world, came to every seasonal event (Christmas, Halloween, New Years). As much as I been to Disney World I always find myself participating into something new. I would love this opportunity to show the community how to really explore Disney world! And hopefully teach me new things as well. Thank you so much!

  33. Jodie

    This would be amazing, I would love to go it has been my dream to go.

  34. Jason

    We would be perfect for this trip. My wife loves taking photos and videos of everything as well as trying any new food she can. While i love the coasters and rides and have been to many parks to experience the different set ups and how a park operates/treatsguests and how well the park is setup. With both of our different view points it would cover the full spectrum of requirements to review. If that is not enough we also have little children 4 and under so we can also comment on how the park would fair for the little tykes as well even if we are unable to bring them. The last reason is we really need a vacation and would love the time away and venture out to any event being held during the 3 weeks to enjoy our timeeven more.

  35. Andrea

    My son (age 11), husband and I would love this! He is really eager to start vlogging about our Disney adventures. We do visit Disney annually and already share lots of tips with friends and family so ready to share information that is of use to UK residents, both first time visitors and seasoned guests.
    We, my son included, are big into food. We love visiting quick service places to find exciting new snacks, signature dining experiences and all the new lounges that are popping up!
    Please pick us!

  36. ScottishMum

    It’s a no from me – why? I couldn’t take my whole family with me, so giving feedback on kids activities would be limited as not seeing it through the eyes of a child and any issues they might have (height issues, yumminess of kids food options on the menu etc).

    Plus they are likely to pick a photogenic couple (under the age of 25) who already have a large media presence rather than someone with limited internet knowledge / few followers.

  37. Kaitlin

    Do most of the people leaving comments not read the story first? ITM isn’t giving this opportunity. Posting “pick me” makes exactly zero difference. They aren’t picking anyone.

    If you go to the application link you will also see it is open to UK residents only.

  38. Matt

    You might want to make it more clear that this is for UK residents only. I got excited until I tried to apply =(

  39. This is what I do already! Last year I visited Six Flags over Texas with Mr BEAST back in July 2019, I turned 25 by spending 7 days at Six Flags in California, travelled to over FORTY states, visited Canada, then I headed to Japan to experience their insane rides, all to make videos documenting these crazy coasters! follow my adventure on Youtube! – LukeE94

  40. Natasha Kennie

    I would consider myself a Disney expert at this point.I would love the opportunity to give honest feedback and knowledge to assist in other people’s future travel experience. After all it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when you go to these destinations.

  41. Arron DeGrace

    my husband And I would make a great team for this to give you a family point of view. Neither of us have restrictions we’re currently in between our residence and therefore we have nothing holding us back from travel or being gone for more than one or two or three or four however many weeks needed. I’m an MIT graduate and my husband is a hard worker!

  42. Pennie Cherry

    I would love this opportunity. Would bring my roommate who has never been so would have opinions from a complete newbie and someone who has been to many theme parks before including the UKs own Thorpe park, Alton towers and more. I would also love to post this across all social media including; Facebook, Instagram and tik tok. As we are both students we could also provide a more budget friendly review.

  43. Winter Edwards

    I would love to take on this adventure. I love everything Disney and Universal. Even though ive only been once, I had the best time ever. Being able to experience everything again but this time actually enjoy myself would be a true come true.

  44. Im retired from canada im an american with landed immigrant status. Grew up next to disneyland california went there 3 times a year for many years back with the ticket books. Never had enough e tickets. Im social media able

  45. Alba Cantero López

    Me encantaría disfrutar de esta aventura ya que me encanta viajar y casi nunca tengo la oportunidad. De pequeña siempre me dijeron que me llevarían a Disney y aún estoy esperando a ir.. Le habrá pasado a más personas también.
    Estaría agradecida de porder ir y contar mi experiencia!!

  46. This would be like a dream come true!!! My 8year old with special needs would be so happy to see All the Disney characters! To get a opportunity like this would just be a real life dream come true!! I’m a Mom of 3, I work 15hours Every Day! My family and I, deserve something so incredible like this!! I hope I get picked!! I could really use the time Off and quality time with my family!

  47. Charlotte

    I would absolutely love this opportunity. As I live in the UK I am not able to visit Disneyland no where near as much as I would love to. I have been to Disneyland in Florida 3 times before and so I am quite familiar with the ins and outs. As I am in my final year before university this would be a great opportunity to become more independent whilst doing something I love. Going to a theme park and living all things Disney. I love social media and so it would be easy to post things on Instagram and make daily videos whilst in the park!

  48. Charlotte

    This would be the best thing that I could ever experience. I love Disney and I always have. I have visited Disneyland in Florida 3 times in the past, the last trip being August last year, and it is the best holiday I have been on yet. As I am just about to go to university I feel that it would be an amazing way to become more independent and have the best time of my life before I go. I love social media and so posting on Instagram and creating feedback as well as daily videos would be a lot of fun. Especially getting to do it all with a friend! It’s like a dream come true in my eyes!!

  49. Tonya Boyd

    This would be absolutely amazing to do. 8 have all the time with no restrictions or limitations. I go down to Orlando area parks 6-10 a year staying at least a week each time. I’m also a AP holder at Disney. I love to have opportunity to blog and do a daily recap of my experiences. I also 7se my galaxy watch to track steps taken, heart rate after all these thrill rides. As of now the Art festival is going on at Epcot. I was one of the first round of passholders to ride Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood. I keep up with the parks and special events. Please pick me and Rachel, we would knock this off the charts for you.

  50. Jaclyn Miller

    I would DEFINITELY love to apply for this job. It’s not even a job, actually; it’s THE JOB. If I could pick anything in the entire world I would do for a career, reviewing and testing new coasters and rides would be it. I am a coaster and theme park fanatic and have ridden over 110 roller coasters. Universal and Disney are some of my favorite places in the world as well. I understand they’re MANY people’s favorite places, but I doubt so many truly feel at home and at peace like I do when I ride. Rides and parks are my therapy. Just thinking about getting to go to Universal and Disney makes my heart skip a beat, and I almost can’t sit still!

    I’m also a tough but fair critic. I review movies as a guest writer on my friend’s blog, and although we have much different taste in movies, he welcomes my opinion because it is respectful but unflinchingly honest. I don’t believe anything is ever without room for improvement, or rarely so, and I am certain that I could maintain objectivity during a trip despite it being amazing.

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