Disney in Plain English: Staff Leaves Fox Networks Group as Merger with Disney Continues

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A story’s coming out of London that staffers at Fox Networks Group Content Distribution (FNGCD) are leaving the company as the Disney-Fox merger continues its integration process. They were a part of the sales and marketing team that sold programming from Fox’s international cable nets, including National Geographic.

Let’s break down the situation:

“Did the Fox Staffers Get Fired?”

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From what we know so far, the answer is no. While there are layoffs happening in both corporations, the staffers at FNGCD do not appear to have been laid off. However, it appears the staffers saw the writing on the wall and decided to jump ship.

According to Variety,

Almost all of the London FNGCD team and their regional counterparts left at end-2019 after a consultation period. Insiders said that in the wake of Disney’s deal for a raft of Fox assets, the FNGCD sales team had been tasked with servicing ongoing programming deals, but not initiating new agreements.

In short, they were told the ship was going down, and they decided to jump overboard instead of going down with it. After all, if no new business is coming in, an office’s life ends with whatever business remains ongoing.

The Walt Disney Company declined to comment on the matter, Variety reported.

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“Which staffers are affected?”

The Walt Disney Company
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It is estimated that 20-30 of Fox’s overseas staff were impacted, be it voluntary departures, transfers under the corporate umbrella, or otherwise. Sales and Marketing staff was the group primarily affected. But we need to make one thing clear:

The Integration Affects Executives Too

FNGCD reported that its president, Prentiss Fraser, was one of the earlier departures. She is now the London-Based Executive Vice President of International TV Sales for Endeavor Content. President of Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, Gina Brogi, also relinquished her position. But remember, this is a merger, so Disney execs are leaving too.

Disney’s President of Global Sales and Marketing, Janice Marinelli, left her role. Also, ABC veteran Keli Lee was let go along with her entire London-based team of ABC Studios International.

Such is the way when it comes to corporate mergers. Contingencies are eliminated, restructuring occurs, and the best parts of both giants come together in the most profitable way. Staff and assets are tossed aside. But these people are leaving their jobs with a resume that leaves this writer practically optimistic for their future.

What do you think about the staffers’ exodus from Fox? Are you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Variety

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