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Disney Buses

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  1. Tygger

    Skyliner is great unless you have a paralyzing fear of heights…in general on our last trip there was a significant drop in available bus transportation, especially to Epcot. Even trying to use the Minnie van service was rough…we tried for 30 minutes just to get a van to accept in a non-peak time. Add to the equation that you now have to spend a fortune if you want to park at your hotel and you’re getting a lot of pissed off guests. I heard more complaints in December than I have on any of my other 17+ trips. Unfortunately the number of guests are overloading all the transportation options and they’re going to have to address it at some point.

  2. Brian Hammond

    Add to the concerns people who are claustrophobic. I will never be able to ride in the Skyliner.

  3. Bill G.

    Seems to me it will encourage more people to drive to parks instead of using the previously provided transportation. That means reducing buses would have negative effects on environment and safety, not positive ones.

  4. Bradley D Monroe

    Would they also decrease the parking tram services with the new tram areas being put in place in addition to buses being decreased.

  5. Laura

    this is nothing more than a cost-cutting measure by disney- it has nothing to do with any of the three points listed. i guarantee that’s not their line of thinking. their thinking is the bottom line. and on top of that, they are probably going to turn around and add more minnie vans in the hope that more people will fork over the big bucks to use those instead. i flat out refuse to spend the kind of money those cost. it would have been really convenient for my family with 2 in car seats needing to get to breakfast reservations, but not at well over $50 a trip. i’m spending enough as it is when i visit. but let’s not kid ourselves- this is about money, not environment or safety or efficiency.

    1. John

      This is correct, this is how to eliminate bus drivers who just got a raise. This is nothing more than a cost cutting move.

  6. Andy

    What about guests that must use scooters/wheelchairs?
    Can they go on the skyliner? I don’t think so!

  7. LizS

    I don’t like this at all. The monorail system is aging and it’s already showing. If this was the way they were going, why didn’t they invest more heavily in it. There are just to many people to keep reducing transportation and something that is heavily touted why you should stay on property. If the buses have a long wait even with all these other modes of transport, what makes anyone think it won’t be the same for the others. And like others said, these points given Disney probably didn’t even care of. They have been struggling with bus drivers for awhile. What better way to phase them out than touting their new fancy Skyliner??

  8. Matt Brewster

    Fhrst, Disney’s decision to limit bus service from resorts served by the Skyliner is unfair to those who, like me, suffer acrophobia- a fear of heights. Second, if Diz REALLY wants to reduce emissions from its buses it should change their engines to ones that burn natural gas, which WDW could MAKE by processing the ten tons of human waste produced on the property each day. Third, there has NEVER been any bus links between the monorail resorts and the MK. Guests can choose between monorail, boat launch or they can even WALK there! Finally, the plural of incident is spelled “incidents,” not “incidences”- which isn’t even a real word!!!

  9. Emmanuel Gallardo

    It is yet another way Disney charges you more and gives you less. Of course, it is a money decision and I am tired of butt wipers like you that kiss up to Disney.

  10. Patti

    As a Disney bus driver, I feel insulted at your opinion of Disney buses. We are always there to rescue the boats, monorail and skyliner. They run on biodiesel, renewable and clean burning. Traffic isn’t our fault. Lots of careless driver like Uber and Lyft are. Sad you don’t like us.

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