Comments for Disney Doubles Down, Clarifies Freeform’s Identity to Fans Missing ABC Family


Credit: Freeform


  1. Pamela

    Disney has several other “family friendly” channels for those who don’t want to watch the shows on Freeform. I applaud Disney for the programming on Freeform and starting the discussions.

  2. Don Underwood

    Disappointing. It is telling how far Disney has drifted from the values of Walt Disney, both in values conveyed in their content and in the way they have priced the parks that precludes the average family from attending.

    1. Jeannell Williams

      That’s actually not true. Walt himself always wanted to make more adult themed content but was unable to due to putting himself into a corner. He also knew that both adults and kids watched his programming. (For gods sake they sold lingerie in Disneyland). I think he wouldn’t mind this in fact applaud it. Everything he did ultimately pushed some boundary. so long as they still had their family friendly channels and programs. I think what a lot of ppl don’t realize is Disney is a multi aged company. If they can supply and even create new pieces that relates to more families. He’d be ok with it.

      1. Grandy Cartwright

        With Disney owning Family Guy, this is true.

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