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  1. April

    Aside from the outrageous price point… the fact that you pay in February and can’t even use it for wine and dine, the fact it’s promoting a safety hazard by allowing slower runners to buy up into a corral they have no business being in… its shameless irresponsible extortion.
    Disney has so many opportunities to take money from those of us willing to pay in a much more respectable, responsible, and decent sense.
    Having better merchandise Branding and quality is a simple start. More and different themed races and distances — like a 10 miler… or a challenge weekend that is comprehensive of a 5k, 10k, HM instead of the challenge being just the 10 and half… or a Stand alone event vs 3 in a weekend. There are countless ways Disney could have created more earning opportunities… this was found and received as incredibly off putting to many in the runDisney community.
    It seems a way to Simply incentivize, and even encourage and reward people, that don’t adequately train. This potentially can bring physical harm to those and others for attempting something they’re not at all prepared for; and at the very least further clogging the course. It’s pretty insulting for those of us that actually work hard to earn our placement and the medals. The whole thing leaves a bad taste.

    1. Tracey

      I totally agree with you! Disney’s greed on display once again. Who cares about safety and runner’s etiquette when you can pay your way into a higher corral?! I can’t even afford the races anymore, let alone pay an additional “membership” for “Tier 1” prices. Gee, what a deal. Oh wait, but I get a jacket! Smh

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