Comments for NEW Baby Simba Souvenir Popcorn Bucket Arrives In Disney Park

Baby Simba Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney/ Instagram User @HKDisneylandFood


  1. How do we all feel about the environmental responsibility of companies to not produce things we don’t need and cannot recycle? To be honest this is landfill, and the enjoyment is a very small percentage of the life of the plastic item. Do you think any of these will still be in use in 12 months?

    1. Jason

      Yes, I’m still using my first bucket from 1993 , I also collect them and have close to 900 Disney buckets and 200 other parks.

      1. Harley

        Aka they collect dust somewhere there not in use to matts point but unfortunately you are incorrect alot of things have recycled symbols on them and you could always leave it if your on vacation disney will recycle it or if not you can call your sanitation person and ask usually they tell you that you can throw it in the recycling can esp the plastic like this! Thats what i did!

  2. Mark

    Am i the only one whose had enough of lion king its like i want rivers of light back to normal or what they promised us something that can grow and change! Or merged w the magical mengarine. Also lion king everywhere bc of anniversary fine after please stop! And besides the other buckets are cute this one is awkward and obnoxious and has already gotten in the way!

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