Comments for Artist Astor Alexander Depicts Our Favorite Royals as Film Noir Princesses


  1. A

    Great photos, but having a caption of which celeb would have been nice.

    1. Jeff

      Dude, they’re the Disney Princesses. The color schemes of the outfits alone should’ve been the giveaway.

  2. Jeff

    No Merida!?!?!? šŸ˜€
    I gotta go with the Ariel and Jasmine ones. Ariel’s alone has a good between-the-wars pulp adventure feel to it.

  3. Donna

    Great article
    I love the pics. Iā€™m charmed.

  4. Harley

    I love them all and i get its film noir but according to the true story of pocahontas her father loved his guns he got from the english enough he didnt rescue his daughter feom the english thats when pocahontas decided to side w the english got baptized married rolfe N so the story goes so i do not know if she would have played guns! Shes also one w nature so the hunting gun would be out! Snow looks like ouat a bit! And Ariel looks like shes in some dystopia scifi movie not film noir! With that being said the photographer had a great idea and did a great shoot.

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