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J.J. Abrams Rise of Skywalker


  1. Harley

    I wish movies werent as long as they were so like the good ol days both options could be on the disc or like blu ray gets directors cut regular disc gets movie! As someone whom still prefers having a physical copy of things.

  2. Dylan Stapleton

    What are the multiple sources cited in this article as supporting an anonymous post claiming there’s a different cut? So far we have some unkown person posting an unverified rumor and yet everyone seems to be using that as a reliable source from which they then repost as if it was verified. It is reminiscent of another “major” news story about a foriegn power that was based on rumor and gossip, with no verified facts in sight.

    1. Mark

      Its to be assumed bc jj said it himself in an interview from editing the movie it was close to 3 1/2hrs in total and here we get what we get! But its also safe to say bc most movies like star wars ends up w an extra disc of bts and deleted stuff.

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