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Anna and Elsa

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  1. Darth Hans

    B-but… what about OLAF’S arc? You didn’t even mention OLAF! Everybody knows the whole movies is really about him!

  2. Good thoughts about why we need a Frozen 3 and how it logically fits into a trilogy structure; I know Jennifer Lee is currently insistent that they have no plans for another sequel and to “ask her again in a year,” but seeing how successful the franchise is, I can’t imagine Frozen 2 being the last installment. I’ve heard rumors that there will be an animated short for Anna and Kristoff’s wedding, a possible Disney+ series, and Frozen 3 in the eventual future…I hope all those rumors turn out to be true!

    Your idea for a Frozen 3 plot is cool…except for the part about Elsa dying in the end. There’s no way Disney would permanently kill off one of their most popular characters (technically it would be two because Olaf would die with her). If they want to make their movie successful and continue to sell merchandise, they definitely shouldn’t have such a depressing ending! But yeah, Frozen 2 left a lot of things open ended, like how Arendelle and Northuldra will heal their relationship and what exactly is Elsa’s role as the fifth spirit – I hope we get answers before too long!

  3. Eric102

    I really liked what you wrote, but there is one thing to keep in mind: it would end the franchise if Elsa dies in the end. Anna may even be the protagonist of Frozen, but Elsa is the most popular character and I don’t think they would end up with her permanent death, but perhaps a new transition, losing her material body perhaps to be one with Ahtohallan.
    There are lots of Frozen books and comics that expand the story including new realms, characters, unseen movie explanations, and conversations about things that Disney is still afraid to explicitly address in film. I do not see a “Frozen 3” without addressing one of these issues already worked in the franchise.
    But the idea of ​​Elsa losing control and fearing to become the Snow Queen of the tale and attacking humans to defend spirits is interesting.
    It would not surprise me that in the future Elsa and Honeymaren will become a couple (in the game “Disney Magic Kingdoms” there are some very interesting things about their relationship) and perhaps the murder of their partner is one of Elsa’s motives going crazy.

    1. Alison M

      Anna gets pregnant and the child has magic (as Anna missed out when Elsa got her share). Child initially is happy – sees the best of things in people etc but then her Mum is accidentally hurt by Elsa / magic and she turns darker as she gets older…looking into dark magic that upsets the 4 spirits and alerts Elsa everything is not right. Initially Anna doesn’t like her sister interfering and they argue etc…but as the daughter approaches her 16th birthday she realises that Elsa is right and that they need to stop her before the spirits do…. there’s a big confrontation, Elsa and Anna show the daughter that love not hate conquers all, big singalong happy ending yada yada yada…

      I’ll take me Royalities cheque now thanks

  4. Regis

    Wow Before reading this I w1s adamant that a 3rd installment couldn’t be good story-wise but you came up with such great ideas that we might actually need a frozen III !

  5. Nathan lane

    I’m more interested if Frozen 3 ended the tradition Disney route, Elsa having a love interest that plays part of the story, Anna now a stressful queen with a 4 year old girl named Kristina and decided not to let her come near Elsa due to the weather and temperature, Olaf and kristoff have a bit of story lines that might be useful, a legit Disney villain that controls fire to show fear to the forest and vows to vanquished the forth (plus else’s) elements, add in songs that described the sisters mid life crisis plus a an awesome choir to pervade the battle sequences and it’s arendelle theme.

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