You Don’t Need “The Force” to See That Inclusion Matters in this Heartwarming ‘Star Wars’ Ad

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Mission: Create something awesome. This new ad from a Filipino company does more than hype us up for the upcoming Star Wars movie. It does more than show us the power of creativity and ingenuity. It goes beyond our expectations and makes us reach for a box of tissues. The Globe Telecom company produced this new heartwarming Star Wars inclusion ad that you’ll want to watch immediately and share with all your friends.

The Plot Thickens

The ad, in the form of a short, follows two kids clearly Disneybounding as Star Wars characters in playwear as they scavenge the neighborhood. They collect plastic, metal, play pieces, bike parts and cardboard. They travel, borrow, barter, and invent under the watchful eyes of “Chewie,” their Pomeranian. Enlisting adult help for adhesives, the kids move closer to their goal object, which is beginning to resemble an X-wing fighter jet.

Now, the project ramps up with electronics, soldering, wires, lights, and rigging. The excitement builds and intensifies as this project is clearly meant for something big. A theatrical environment takes hold as the doorbell rings to reveal a friend, come to play. The initial two younglings guide the third to the “set,” inviting her to sit down in their creation. She is flabbergasted at what they have forged.

A montage of Star Wars clips is shown to her as she sits in the recliner, but then something happens. The set, thanks to the interactive engineering of friends, becomes a 4D experience of lights, smoke, wind, sparkles, flashes and shaking. It syncs with her movie presentation. Finished with the theatrics, the friends stand back and gauge the girl’s interest. Did she like it? Did she have fun? We look on.

Credit: Globe Telecom

One friend signs to her, asking, “Did you like it?” It is in this instance we realize that the girl is deaf. This presentation was to show her how the sounds of Star Wars make us, the moviegoers, feel. *Cue the tissues* Our friends have created this experience especially for her and it is heartwarming.

Why The Star Wars Inclusion Ad Was Made

Globe Telecom is guiding its customers to donate rewards points to Virtualahan, a virtual school for people with disabilities and they fund equipment and tools. We may not be able to sign up for their services, but way to go, Globe Telecom! This star wars inclusion ad shows us the power of kindness, friendship, and creativity, not to mention that inclusion and representation matters. These stories are made for everyone in the galaxy, and if the latest episodes are any indication, made with everyone in the galaxy.

Source: Globe Telecom

in Movies, Star Wars

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