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Rose from Star Wars The Last Jedi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Tonyg

    One of the best things about RoS was that they cut Rose Tico out. Rose was a badly-written character and was very poorly-acted by Tran. She was one of this trilogy’s Jarjars. Deservingly, she was reduced to an extra.

    1. Harley

      I agree this whole rose was treated poorly is nonsense she had her day in the sun her needs lie elsewhere on base and not on starships in the galaxy! Btw its not like they wrote out finn or poe! Its just rose.

  2. AdRock

    Her character was a quota. Glad they cut her annoying character out. She should have recieved 0 seconds on screen.

  3. Dave (we love you Kelly Tran!)

    I 1000% disagree with the previous posts. Kelly Marie as Rose and her storyline was one of THE most refreshing and enjoyable aspects of The Last Jedi – period. What was totally unacceptable was the almost casual and dishonorable way they wiped both Luke and Han out of the picture in the SAME movie.

    The ‘excuse’ by Terrio that Roses character “was anchored with Leia so at least one major character was with her” is just wrong. She belonged out in the center of the action with Finn/Poe/Rey , to continue her arc from TLJ, not closeline it full stop like they did. When Leia was on Yavin during Star Wars final scenes was another major character with her to “anchor her” ? NO! Why does leia need an anchor anyways she’s a Jedi knight inside! TLJ and RoS totally showed off her powers there with even a back story of her training from Luke.

    Rose should have been given the screentime that Dominic Monahan wasted, plus they didn’t need to introduce yet another side character (Naomi Ackie’s) just to complicate things further so Rose could have had her screen time too. I found RoS lacking in any truly funny / cute / moments , Rose would have been the ideal character to use to add those moments. I hope they right the wrong they did her and she gets to shine more in the future. Nuff Said !

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