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Walt Disney World annual passholders

Credit: Disney


  1. Reality Check

    Wow, this is… pretty narcissistic. AP holders aren’t the “extras” in the show, we’re the rude guy who gets up before the cast takes their bow to “beat the traffic”. AP’s are a necessary evil to Disney, bringing attendance to the parks in the ever dwindling “slow season”.

  2. FormerSkipper

    As a former Jungle Cruise Skipper, please retract your comment about saying something back to your Skippers. Contrary to belief, there is a general script we are supposed to stick to and people interjecting can throw us off. We are already trying to be entertaining while being in a safety critical position as it is. Heckling is unwelcome and rude to the cast members and telling people to do so negates your previous points about being polite to the cast members.

    1. Harley

      You actually stuck to the script that must have been a dull cruise its a outlined script they encourage improvising and having fun w the skipper or at least did when i was one! Esp when you had marathon boats during busy season you had to improvise and when you might have gotten a line up dont forget your favorite plants!

      1. Darth Waterfalls

        I like it when the guests do the entire show and the CM (skipper) just stands there. Hilarious!

  3. Mark

    Be nice to kids coming from same person whom agreed kids should be band w other childless millenials in another post???
    Also this doesnt sound like ap tools but cm tools or am i confused??
    Also i am never going to not make fun of foolish mortals in the hm! I am sorry but dummying myself down to a first timers level would be too much out of me… esp when they make more chaos and beyond that do not really want to be there wo complaining i doubt they are paying attn to us!

  4. D.G.Speirs

    It was an interesting list. But the replies here are a disappointing mix of narcissism and entitlement.

  5. Brandon

    APs could be respectful guests, but they’re also some of the most if not the most entitled I’ve ever dealt with as a CM. APs spend exponentially less annually than families who come from out of country even out of state. In most cases to enjoy LESS time. Cut first timers some slack and don’t ruin the show. Cut CMs some slack and don’t disrespect and degrade us and most importantly STOP acting like you own the parks. Your attendance is as fragile as your egos and the second you act up even a smidge out of line, your passes can and will be revoked without a refund and we won’t bat an eye from the “lost business.” Disney basically owns everything now and it definitely doesn’t need disrespectful APs running amok in the parks.

    1. Mark

      And whomever you are you sounded like your one of those entitled cms that hate there jobs! And aps arent the issue and if you think we are look in the mirror maybe your not doing your job right or your a cp whom could careless managed many of those! Its called the pot calling the kettle black and you could be found out and fired for kicking someone out! This is sometumes how we enjoy ourselves so get a life!

  6. TimGee

    APs cannot pay it forward unless you allow the guest to use your discount and then use your discount again for yourself. This just sounds shady like cheating an AP benefit. Don’t break the AP rules even if you want to help. This is why I hate APs because you make it seem like these rules are meant to be broken.

  7. myke

    If Disney wasn’t making money or needed AP’s then trust me, it wouldn’t be offered. We are just as important as all other guest. i think whether your an obnoxious person has nothing to do if your an AP or not. I actually believe for the amount of money I spent a year being an AP and going to the park 6-8 times a month I don’t get enough perks like the hotel guest, especially those staying at the Grand Floridian.

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