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Roundup Rodeo BBQ Restaurant

Credit: Disney


  1. Ken Hutcinson

    I will try all 3 and am excited about the Space restaurant but a lot less about the other 2. I am from Kansas City where we take barbeque seriously and so far I can only saw one thing about the what they call barbeque at WDW. Its a lot of things but barbeque it isn’t.

  2. Mark

    I still do not get a land for kids ala toy story is going to get a bbq restaurant??? I thought something more along side thr orginal seasons at land but it be sit down like grill w characters or buffet! Which would be easier w kids and characters. But to each his own! Now merging the 2 ideals at american adventure sounds like a great plan! Though still on the fence about space sounds like esp w rumored crystal collection and now rotating veggies thing like they ard trying to hard tk give us horizons people something bc they failed us w the new epcot they are trying but we want our attraction back not a restaurant but its something!

  3. Jackie

    I truly thought this was going to announce em all or a surprise one. Why are all the parks that dont need another restaurant getting them?
    Like a toy story sit down sure will do business but take stress off the best restaurant on property aka scifi doubtful! Esp now the bar is next door its even more a hot spot!
    Also did epcot really need another sit down? You couldn’t make up your mind at what country to eat at ???
    You know what park needs one DAK! Rainforest is average priced granted but its outside but all thats left in is yak and yeti which is painful and Africa which was a great quick serve till the characters too it over for a high price ok buffet! And its just your regular characters your in africa and no lion king characters are there!? Color me confused! Oh and dont get me started w the outrageous expensive of tiffins!
    Not to mention mk has a few challenges and could use another something bc everything is so small and even the restaurants that are larger like columbia and cosmic rays has crowd control issues.

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