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  1. Julia Graviet

    good god. I hope they don’t do this, Tom has done Loki justice for years. Kid Loki would be such a mistake on Disney’s part especially because Marvel fans have grown so attached to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

    1. Yvonne Roberts

      I so agree!!!!

    2. please dont replace him!?? Tom is the perfect Loki and no one could be like him EVER. I know its hard but if Tom would be replaced in the future I dont think I would be the only one that could cry. Some of us are really young and want to see more and more. Just dont replace him! ?

  2. Mags

    I understand is Hiddelston doesn’t want to keep giving so much time to Marvel. An actor wants different roles. However, I won’t be interested in the show or movies if he isn’t the Loki in them.

    1. Pamela Brown

      I am not happy about this. I am done with marvel if this happens. Hes the reason I started watching marvel.

  3. David

    Not sure I’d follow it without Hiddleston, he IS Loki. I know Disney likes to target a young audience but Tom has already captured the public with his portrayal and I don’t see his popularity waning as the character. I could however see Disney doing this in an attempt to capitalize on a separate audience while Tom continues in the streaming show,

    1. aletha mills

      I agree, im done if they switch

  4. Rosebud400

    Just not the same without Tom. Sorry but not watching if Tom not in it.

  5. Linda Davis

    Tom is Loki, I won’t watch it without him.

    1. D. Logsdon

      Noooooooo. Do not replace Hiddleston.

  6. Heather L Smith

    If he doesn’t want to play the character anymore I can understand, but just replacing him with someone younger or of a different sex because you want to, that’s just wrong.

  7. Stephanie

    Loki has the fan base he does because of Tom. Hiddlestoners will not watch without him and that includes me!

  8. Bob

    It’s going to happen eventually and it makes sense to do it when the rumors are saying it’s going to happen. Eventually actors move on from the characters they’ve played (it gets tired playing the same thing for so long, they become too expensive for the roll, or it’s just time for the character itself). I think after the Loki series, the Multiverse of Madness, and Love and Thunder he’ll meet all of the reasons to retire an actor from a roll listed above.

    I just hope that they wrap the character and story up in a satisfactory way so that it feels organic and makes sense so it doesn’t seem forced.

    Iron Man’s sacrifice made sense for the character AND the movie but Cap’s time travel do-over date seemed rushed or added last minute since even the people behind making the movie can’t agree on exactly what happened.

    We all know that it’s a fact that All of the OG characters are going to be retired or replaced in the near future so all we can do is hope that they get their time to shine before they’re gone. That their story is wrapped up in a way that makes the character feel like they mattered in the end and they aren’t just phases out behind the scenes or just an offhand comment character as a reason why they aren’t around anymore.

    Kid Loki makes sense in a lot of ways since not only did it happen in the comics but it also keeps a beloved character around longer. (bonus points if they keep Tom around as the voice of his older evil self in kid Loki’s ear to tempt and manipulate him like the comics did).

    1. Misaki

      I agree but i also dont want to lose tom as loki then again i think tom himself is ready to move on from marvel. I hope your right and they give loki a good send off it doesnt even have to be as big and dramatic as iron man it just has to make sense and give him justice.

  9. Todd gologorsky

    Indeed perfect..i do my hair like him..lol

  10. Daleene Wade

    What a complete disaster this would be!! The Loki character would lose all it’s grown to be during the Marvel growth!! Tom Hiddleston couldn’t begin to be replaced!! Stupidest idea EVER!!

  11. Jana Cain

    OMG NO!
    Team Hiddleston Loki 4ever!

  12. Wayne

    Tom is Loki like Benedict is Dr Strange – you just don’t mess with something for $$$$ that is what is wrong with the industry – NO loyalty to the fans

  13. Linda Boster

    No Tom, no Loki, no watch!!

    1. Jana Cain

      I agree!

  14. Lokita

    Please dont replace Tom! I dont know what vendetta the studios exec’s seemed to have against him from the beginning… but you’d think they would listen to their fan base. We, the paying fans are why they get paid! They work for us!!!

  15. Dave

    I’m so amused that all of you are complaining about this when Loki ACTUALLY DIED in the hands of Thanos during Infinity War’s opening scene. In the comics, there is more than one version of Loki lol

  16. Morton

    One to consider, Kid Loki and his future self, King Loki, have in the comics existed in the same storyline.

  17. Jackie Reed

    I can understand Tom not wanting to play Loki forever,but once he’s gone,he’ll be taking the only reason I ever chose to watch Marvel movies with him.No Tom-as-Loki,no me.I’ll be watching him on DVDs and reading Loki fanfic on Ao3.Sorry,Marvel.

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