Comments for John Boyega reveals his true opinion about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

John Boyega Finn with Oscar Isaac

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Kurt Schmidt

    Hey Mark thanks for the feedback, even though it’s not complimentary you’ve contributed so much great feedback I feel I owe you a response. Are you at least a little surprised to hear him condemn the last movie? I mean if he was telling us 2 years ago during the media tour that Last Jedi was great but is now backtracking why should we trust what he says now about the next movie?

    If despite that you still don’t find it interesting that is fine but hopefully, this insight to our thoughts helps explain why it became 1 of the 26 articles we wrote today. We know not everything we cover will be interesting to everyone but I wanted to share why this article was written.

  2. TimG

    The Last Jedi not only split the fan base, it split the actors in many ways. It broke Star Wars as we know it. It is also too late to bring back the Original Trilogy cast for a final farewell after Carrie Fisher died and Han Solo and Luke both died on the screen. To suggest the current people in charge of Episode 9 will know what they are doing is absolutely not guaranteed. It’s a wreak of all proportions. Finn could be gay at this point with all the rumors. I guess his ill fated romance with Rose didn’t take off.

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