Comments for Disney Imagineer Reveals New details about the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Experience

galactic starcruiser

Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering


  1. Jim

    Disney said the same for flying the millenium falcon, that your story from the flight will influence what happens to you in other parts of Batuu. That hasn’t happened yet.

    1. Edlanier Nieves

      Yes i second that. Was going to say the same. I can really see this happening with all that they promised for Pandora and didnt come to fruition. Anyways big things like wandering bounty hunters in the cantina looking for you for busting up the millennium falcon never happenes either. Walking droids in the land never happened. Its all hype and stuff we will eventually forget about and not many people will complain honestly. The reason the coke carts took so long to appear after D23 when they first showed them off was because they were supposed to wander as well and look what happened. Stationary drink carts

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