Comments for FastPass and Park tickets given as compensation for guests impacted by Rise of the Resistance breakdown

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance start of queue

Credit: ITM


  1. Harley

    First off its great to see wdw doing something but things like this happen bc of newer tech just getting off the ground taking mass numbers when the only number it took was none when it ran during cast training. This isnt the parks fault no offense you decided to come w your small child on opening wkend no one told you to do that nor make promises it be working 100%! Look at things like test track after all these yrs bc of its tech it goes down daily sometimes after 2 hrs it comes back! Yes it sucks it takes that long to reboot but i rather the powers that be get in there and i know its safe when it reopens!

  2. Jackie

    But why i was never compensated for test track pandora or any others thay go down thats just how things happen- why did you go opening day? I rather be safe then sorry i do not know about anyone else! And its a shame complainers that you rather get on the ride then it be safe!

    1. Mark

      At least wdw is doing the right thing people will complain yes others would be like why give satisfaction or like you said which i agree common sense this opening day the line wasnt going to be 30 mins! Test track do not get me started its down all the time…. but then theres others that would have complain if wdw didnt do anything like who are they its a catch 22. As i saw on another comment welcome to theme parks 101! Hey at least batuu is complete this has alot of love going for it so does virtual queue and even uni managers i know are agreeing its better than hagrids nightmare!

  3. Linda

    I dont think its fair that they are opening the park way before opening hours and letting the guests get the boarding passes. Some of those people are riding the ride 2 or more times(accoding to social media). It also stated that when you get a boarding pass your not guarantee to get on the ride. Disney didnt have to accommodate to those guests and shouldn’t of. Just making the ride more overcrowded by providing the fast pass then it already is.

  4. Peter

    Disney are at least thinking of there guests, unlike Universal. We tried Hagrud in August 2019, lined for 3 hours with stop/start technical issues, then got to front of queue only for another 3 hour wait due to inclument weather (rain). With no updates other than a repeated “this ride is closed” message, we spoke with a team supervisor who informed us this ride has no Fastpass+ and Universals policy was not to give any compensation to there guests for ride closures. Instead we were advised to waste more of our holiday by making a complaint to customer relations.
    Disney whilst being great at guest satisfaction could be thinking about those guests who may not be able to come back the following day.

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