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disney makeup gift guide

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM


  1. Ligia Melendez

    I want Disney Villains or Disney Designer Collection. #AlwaysAVillains #DisneyFanForever

    1. I love the Masquerade Collection and the Villian Collection. I have several makeup sets to buy so I may just get an assortment and give them out. Then they can trade if they need to or share…

    2. I would like any of them but frozen my 3 year old grandaughter would like the most

  2. Kimberly Pemrich

    If I had the money I would get the designer collection.

    1. Wendy Trammell

      I would enjoy any collection, I’d be very grateful.

  3. Jen

    I’ve already purchased the Anna pallet. Love it!

  4. i can’t purchase any over the internet,i can only get in on freebies/giveaways.

  5. Angela Yang

    I love both palettes!! So gorgeous.

  6. Chrissy Disibio

    The Anna set!!

  7. Piroska

    Both palettes are beautiful. My favourite: Elsa’s palette.

  8. Tiesha

    The villain makeup collection looks great! The girls will love them all.

  9. Stephanie Molina

    I want the Disney Villains or designer collection!

  10. Tiffany Schmidt

    From one Schmidt to another, lovely models!
    Also, all of the collections are beautiful! Something about the Villains though is special!

  11. deanna ottens

    I would like to get the disney designer collection makeup but not til after the holidays

  12. Erika Bartlett

    I would love the masquerade collection!! I bought the shadow palette from the princess designer collection and am obsessed! The masquerade collection is so beautiful and fun and inspirational 🙂

  13. Kennisha Barfield

    Viilians Collection ❤❤?

  14. Amy Sheets

    I’d love the Disney designer collection!

  15. Amy Sheets

    I love the Disney designer set!!

  16. Erica M McDaniel

    The Masquerade set. I love it

  17. If you want to feel like a Disney queen, this is the perfect cosmetic set for you

  18. Shirley Emitt

    I would like to get the disney designer collection makeup.

  19. Susan Biddle

    I would love to have the Disney Designer Collection!!! So pretty!

  20. Susan Biddle

    I love the Disney Designer Collection!!!

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