Comments for Disney will close Haunted Mansion in 2020 for extended refurbishment

haunted mansion

Credit: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort


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    I called dl bc we are going in summer and hm is the reason we are going march or later is news to me bc they said it should be done by feb the latest. Though other rides are looking at being down for longer times like indy and soarin which is planning on bringing back over cali to cali bc it only makes sense! I doubt highly like wdw they would want major attractions closed during summer when most tourists come through.

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    Whew! It’s the one in DL. I was starting to freak a little! I know Disney has to do this from time to time but I feel for who those who may miss it and have never experienced it.

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      The one in mk will rehab w a similar time frame! Alot of rides do bc its off season!
      At least hm will come back up in either case unlike epcot which will have half a park till 2021 but it needs the wrk thats being done! SSE is slated to go down in march cms told me and will be down till epcot’s new future world reopens.

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