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  1. Chris

    Haha, I disagree with all of these! I say, in order to get the most narrative impact for your buck, do it like this:


    – A New Hope
    – Revenge of the Sith
    Then, to understand why we should care about Darth Vader, ramp up the tension, and avoid any spoilers, watch…
    – The Phantom Menace
    – Attack of the Clones
    – Revenge of the Sith
    Then, to understand the struggle, triumph, and tragedy of Han, I would recommend watching…
    – Solo: A Star Wars Story
    Now, the next movie ought to have a TON of emotional charge…
    – Return of the Jedi
    …and finally, finish out with the finale…
    – The Force Awakens
    – The Last Jedi
    – The Rise of Skywalker

    Because Rogue One, Rebels, Resistance, and the Mandalorian don’t focus on the Skywalker Saga characters and don’t really affect them emotionally, I would leave these for another day, especially for a casual fan or an eager first-timer. If you really care, I would insert the Clone Wars show into the watchlist just before Revenge of the Sith, but the show is a truly deep time commitment for not a lot of emotional pull – aside from the core Asoka storyline.

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