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Worst Disney Films

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  1. Thomas

    Different horses for different courses I suppose. Some of these I loved more than in the higher end of the list, I personally after long reflection preferred Frozen II to the first one, and ‘Brave’ is so underrated in my opinion. Coco having the best score and Zootopia in the top four too feels right though. But yeh, you can ask anyone their top Disney movies and no two lists will be the same, and that’s one of the best things about Disney and Pixar, there’s something for everyone.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I absolutely agree with!

  2. Kristin Vislocky-Seiver

    How can you list Monsters University as a worst scoring at 7.3/10 and then have Finding Dory as a top scoring with also a 7.3/10?

    1. Robert

      Because this list is a joke. the typical bash Disney for no reason article this site tends to do a lot of lately.

  3. Torri

    I agree on everything except Monster U, Frozen 2, and Ralph Breaks The Internet. I thought the latter was very clever in how it animates the way the internet works.

  4. None of them. They always show their best in every movie.

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