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Lady and the Tramp Cats

Credit: Disney


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    HEY! Lauren Roberston, your great-grand-mom’s horrendously outdated and offensive, you don’t see me giving a damn about that. Stop sanitizing the past to fit your world view, stupid snowflake!

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      This student “stooge” is a twat.

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    Jeff Kurtti

    This student only shows that she has much to learn. Many students LOVE to be iconoclasts, they think it makes them intellectual. They also like toppling icons, it makes them feel clever and superior. Hopefully part of the education she is ostensibly pursuing will include thorough and balanced research, and the ability to put history into proper context for a contemporary examination and perception.

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    Remember when the majority made the consensus, and not just one college student?

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      I mean, she’s not wrong. It’s just silly that it made the news.

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        *most* of what she “discovered” has been hashed out numerous times over the last 20ish years. Some of what she is reading into it is absurd and possibly too far. Like I’ll definitely acknowledge that Arabian Nights lyrics (that were edited before the first DVD release), Siamese Cat song, Dumbo crows (left out of the live action remake for the obvious reason). But I feel like she is trying too hard to be “woke”. Also, in our 24 hour news cycle culture unfortunately we’ll probably see someone with these “new takes” once every 2 years even though they have been well documented over the years. I’m surprised that she put Little Mermaid and Cinderella on blast but left out Peter Pan’s “What Makes the Red Man Red?”. Also, with Beauty and the Beast, wasn’t the whole point that we should look past the cover/exterior and see the personality inside as cosmetic beauty is only skin deep?

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    Up next we find that attacking Japan after Pearl Harbor was culturally insensitive.

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      No that wouldn’t be a problem. Reverse it. Americans are insensitive about not letting Japan attack more of us.
      *Insert MASSIVE eye roll here*

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      Disney is completely aware.
      Disney+ actually even includes warning about “outdated cultural depictions.” The full warning is “This programme is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

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        If this is true than please point me to where I can watch the Classic “Song of the South” on my new D+

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    Duncan McPherson

    Ok, they need to build a bridge and get over it!!! Bring out all the Disney Movies Song of South included, People need to get there noses out of their phones and have face to face conversations about everything.

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    Matt Brewster

    Animation traditionally uses exaggeration and caricature in its characters. Otherwise, why not just shoot in live action?

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      Kenneth Cox

      Ok wait. Yes, animation does that but the purpose matters. Those stereotypes were created as an othering of other races. It became part of the racist culture of the time period, which was mainstreamed then..

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    Bill L

    I think she actually needs to sit down and watch the movies rather then going off what she remembers or what she hears from other people lol. Because her memory is “problematic”.

    Take her King Louis paragraph for example. She claims that he’s a “racist caricature” when in reality he’s a direct caricature of Louis Prima (hence the name “King Louis”)… a well known WHITE jazz artist. The voice, the singing, the personality, the mannerisms… they’re all based directly on Prima. It has nothing to do with “racist caricatures”.

    “and they literally sing about wanting to be able to make the white man’s fire”

    This statement is all kinds of wrong lol. They sing about wanting “man’s red fire”. They never mention the “white man”.

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      I think she forgot that the film took place in India??

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      Initially, the filmmakers considered Louis Armstrong for the role, but to avoid the likely controversy that would result from casting a black person to voice an ape, they instead chose Prima, a white singer.
      There are 2 serious issues with Louis. First, orangutans are not found in India. Second, the character was completely made up for the Disney film and isn’t a Kipling character at all. Louis Prima’s widow also refused to allow Disney to use the character of Louis until her death in 2003.

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    I had two Siamese cats that behaved exactly like that but with a kitten. One on each side of her closing in. I had to intervene

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    Darth Prima

    After having read this article, I guess I am left with the burning question of:

    How can I state my personal opinion and get it to be widespread too?

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    In other breaking news, the sun is hot.

    Disney movies are products of their times. Most older movies are rife with racism and anti- semitism.

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    Simply amazing…
    Get your box of tissues and go cry in a corner, this is what it is and what it was, oh yeah…get over yourself Lauren!!!

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    I have loved Disney my whole life and always will. I enjoy watching the classics and I love them for the artistry that went into them. As an artist myself I can appreciate what it took to create these masterpieces. I accept some scenes for what they are ( acceptable for the time in which the film was made) and I am grateful that our society has changed since then. The Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp are supposed to be sneaky and annoying, they are the villains in that film. I have never viewed King Louie as racist (he was voiced by Louie Prima who is Italian) and those who do are just being hyper- critical.

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    I am really disappointed in ITM. Why is this one student’s opinion important? Who is she? Why should I care? It seems like this is just clickbait in order to be “socially relevant”. I don’t remember Ricky ever trying to incite people just for a click.

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    Wow. Maybe she shouldn’t watch them.

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    Why do we care what a random child in Aberdeen thinks? Why does anyone? Why are people reporting on this at all?

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    You need to grow up, your biased rant is just a bid for your own minutes of fame, you cannot sanitise the past to fit your narrow minded view

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    Who cares? You can’t mess with a classic! If you’re offended, don’t watch it. Write your own movie and leave the classics alone. If you water it down and change it, you’ll just make people want to see the original version even more.

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    Normally I don’t post on things like this, but all of this crap about racism in my all time favorite movies is really getting on my nerves. I am almost 22 years old, many look at me as a millennial, but I am ashamed of the people that are only a little older than me. I do not see any of these movies as racism, they just were depicting what it was like during those times. I really wish Song of the South (as an example) would be allowed to be sold and viewed on Disney+ in the United States. I do understand the some of the movies, like Dumbo do have characters that can be portrayed as racist, but I believe that it is all in the mentally of the person viewing it. Grow up and quit acting like everything in this world is racist or sexist or whatever. I am tired of this crap. It shouldn’t ever be news worthy.

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    joan p habinowski

    Get over yourself – its a cartoon. Please America stop with the marshmallows.

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    The Lyric in The Jungle Book is “Now don’t try to kid me, man-cub, I made a deal with you
    What I desire is man’s red fire to make my dream’s come true” NOT “white mans fire”

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    David Hamburger

    I don’t understand this need that so many people seem to have to publicly express their own outrage and get offended any time someone else points out something that is offensive. Could you be any more hypocritical?

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    Their Animated for a reason!.. Their supposed to be funny and cute! More than what is happening for real in the world today!.. I don’t know what part of this Country you came from, but really girl! Go blow smoke elsewhere and leave what has and still does to children and adults today alone! I still watch them!

    If you fine them offense, Well… Felisha! Don’t watch them!

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    I think this is over thinking at best. Just leave the past in the past. People don’t want to be reminded of ugly things we know better now. Exceptions to society norms today should be viewed for what they are negative unhelpful criticism.

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    What happened to the you don’t like it don’t watch it. Not everyone’s opinion needs to be heard I grew up watching this stuff and at the time no idea it was racist now I understand. But it’s not like these cartoons shape who you are! I did not turn into a racist person for watching these cartoons! They are CARTOONS!!!! Times have changed since these cartoons were made and released! Just like the John Wayne movies should we start attacking the western movies as well?! If you don’t like a movie don’t watch it! Disney and all these other Networks shouldn’t listen to the people that get the attention. Keep doing what you’re doing and people are gonna either like your movies or not. Can’t please everyone.

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    Jon Carry

    She thinks the Jungle Book’s King Louie is racist? So she sees a black man when she looks at a cartoon ape?! Me thinks she is the racist.

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    this “student” obviously has much more learning to do….

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    Doesn’t the song from jungle book say man’s red fire and man’s red flower?

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    Christopher Tucker

    So instead of seeing these films through the lens of learning we choose, yet again to die on a hill that simply has no reason to exist. Close down the Holocaust Museum, we all know it happend, but it makes me feel icky inside.

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    Joe Foss

    Who is this moron? Why should we listen to her?

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    First of all she really needs to grow up. These films were made at a different time when not everyone was so sensitive to everything. Does she curl up in a ball with her blanket when things don’t go her way. It’s like one atheist ruining a nativity scene for a small town and the atheist lives 100s of miles away. I am so over everything being about race…..everything. these are made for entertainment. If you are that sensitive go live in your cocoon. Block the world out. In some ways we need to go back about 20 to 30 years ago. Not removing Historical monuments because its racist…..its a part of our history…deal with it. Everything has to be politically correct….you don’t like it..feel free to leave. We dont want you here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, mine may go against yours, but I am entitled to it. You can disagree and move on… people dont do that they focus on something they dont agree with and cant move on. Personally
    I love song of the south… its story takes place on a plantation like gone with the wind and slaves….it happened. We learned from out mistakes. Move on. I don’t like things about Disney, but I dont go to the parks that week or month…whatever or dont watch the series or let my kids watch certain things. It’s your choice. It’s her opinion, I disagree and am moving on. Sorry so lonf

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    This girl seems to be looking for attention by pointing out what she considers racism and other such nonsense in Disney animated features. I don’t get what she finds unacceptable about the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp. Why didn’t she have a problem with the buzzards with Liverpool accents in The Jungle Book?

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    This student has airtime for voicing an option on Disney, I’m wounded how she exaggerates though and most of its fabricated and blown out of proportion.

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    Simple, solution for Lauren Roberston, if you don’t want to get your feelings hurt quit watching something that might be controversial. Problem solved, and if you do happen to watch something that might I’m sure you can find some tissues at the local Wally World.

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    There is an amazing invention if something offends you on television. It is called the OFF button! Quit trying to impose your views on everyone else and I won’t try to impose mine on you!!!

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    I think this “student” has some major problems with accuracy. How can she make broad sweeping generalizations about the meaning behind lyrics that she has misquoted? That’s dangerous as well as ignorant.
    I’d suggest reading “WHOS AFRAID OF SONG OF THE SOUTH”. Its a great book that talks about (among many other issues) how Walt worked with the NAACP to make sure the film was racially sensitive. Despite his best intentions and careful action we’ll never see Song of the South in American theatres again.

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    Get over it. I think you are horrendously offensive. People like you are never happy unless you are making others depressed.

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    Then don’t watch the Disney films if they are offensive to you. What are u going to do next, berate “Gone with the Wind”? Its part of history, no matter bad or good. Walt Disney made films appropriate for those times.

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    Michael Neal

    The classics are just that. CLASSIC! People are do busy trying to whitewash our past. It is what it is. Everyone needs to see where we came from and br thankful we aren’t there. Whitewashing the classic fairy tales would be the same as whitewashing slavery or nazism because groups are offended. It is part of our history. Stop trying to make everything “politically correct” when history proves it was. Take away the truthful parts of our history from these classics and they wouldn’t be the same. I love disney but if they whitewash everything like this person wants would be almost sacrilege.

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