Comments for Holiday nightmare: Guests buy Disney park packages online, find out trips were never booked

disneyland paris castle

Credit: Disneyland Paris


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    Always use a credit card,
    You can buy the Disney tickets directly online from the official Disney website and you can book your hotel as well

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    If you book everything yourself very few problems ever occur. Do the leg work. book the hotel yourself and get the park tickets from Disney. You will have a much more worry free vacation

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    Not a bad article.
    Though the ending made me question the credibility of it due to sounding like sponsored content for Academy travel. Good journalism would be upfront about recommending vendors, rather than picking a favorite.
    As a longtime reader of the site, I am now hesitant to return

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    Geoff Harrison

    Clearly the firm is fraudulent and responsible – where did the money go? If it was genuinely whittled away by an employee, why wasn’t it noticed? If not they can still put this right and could have done so when contacted. Maybe (but doubtful) the website went down out of their control but what about the phones? Whatsapp? Do they think talking to the police voluntarily gives them an alibi?
    Article is good with a warning for everyone to be vigilant as it’s so easy to order online and believe it’s genuine without checking but you let yourselves down by then advertising Academy Travel on the back of the poor people scammed. Shame on you.

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