Comments for NEW MagicBand slap bracelets coming to Disney World!

magicband slap bracelets

Credit: Disney


  1. Nancy

    They needen’t bother putting them on the MDE site since the Magic Bands they added there to buy can never be processed, I have been trying since they came out with no luck at all, so very frustrating !

  2. Harley

    Are these things really making a come back i hate to break it to them but we all use them to hurt ourselves and each other as kids this isnt smart! Besides how is that going to stay on your wrist better than the magic band now???

  3. Kristi Fountain

    I like them!! I’m definitely going to buy them for us. We’re pass holders and everytime we go into a store that has slapbands my granddaughter wants one. Itll be a cool little christmas gift for her. Although, I’ll have to keep it at my house, she’ll want to play with it.

    Live change!

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