Comments for Mickey-shaped Christmas souvenir sipper comes to Disney Parks for the holidays

Disney souvenir sipper Mickey bell

Credit: Disney


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    This is cute, but will literally become landfill in January and never ever break down. Imagine how many litres of water and oil went into the creation and transportation of that Christmas cup from China to Florida. It already has a massive carbon footprint and is essentially a piece of trash that’s pretty to look at for a tiny part of its actual life span. It sounds Grinchy, but we need to make thoughtful decisions when we’re buying things. Will there be a thousand of these dumped in January because it’s cheaper to throw away the unsold ones than store them for 10 months?

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      Bah humbug!

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    It’s cute! I would buy one online but I would hang on to it. I don’t think it will hold much.

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