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Credit: Becky Burkett / ITM Reporter


  1. Nachtwulf

    I got to eat here the last time I was at WDW. Mind you, this was probably about 20 years ago, by this point. We didn’t have to make months-early reservations either, we just rolled by early in the day and had reservations for that evening. (I will never understand why people want to try to figure out where they’re going to be half a year ahead of time, personally…)

    That said, it was fun, and the food was good. I feel like their video loop could stand to be a bit longer, because it cycled several times during the time we were eating… it’s possible they’ve fixed this (but I sort of suspect they haven’t.).

  2. Harley

    This went from the best kept secret (though i never met someone whom didnt go and like scifi or even love it like we do) to the one of best voted restaurants at wdw! We still needed to make reservations in advance but that was night before in room not almost 1/2 yr or more in advance. Actually most resturants you could have did that w now everyone w dining plans etc can make em so far out it screws it all up for the locals whom just want to catch their fav restaurant!
    Scifi has always been a fav been going since day 1! We are huge scifi movie fans we’ve seen most of the movies advertised. The food is great and not much change in prices like other restaurants. The best part is its inside in the ac with much light (bc its suppose to be a drive in at night) which adds to keeping it cooler than other spots! Its also the only restaurant i found at wdw where they do not rush you out in the 45 min time frame most wdw spots are known negatively for though this means even w a handy reservation your waiting when you arrive. Tg for the fact the bar is now next door!
    I love scifi alot but the one thing i miss this goes for prime time too is the interaction. Wait staff at scifi use to scream lines w the movies we do it ourselves out of amusement but it is missing as is the no elbows on the table punishments at prime time ! Oh well… still my top spot thanks for the article N sharing the love of scifi.

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