Comments for Fans say Disney+ content warning points out racism in Disney movies

DIsney+ content warning points out racism


  1. Millennials: The end of physical and mental muscle as we know it….

    1. DisneyFan

      Boomers: Living in the past….

  2. Paul R Davis

    People are going to have to stop crying racism about These movies that they say have racist undertones. And remember when these movies were made so if they do not want to see it then at the time it happens turn away. The Song of the South yes has racist overtones but look at the Time Period the Movie. It is suppose to take place during the Civil war so Get over it.

    1. Cheron Bruce

      Everyone’s over it. They’re just pointing out facts. Not sure why a warning ahead of time hurts your feelings so much.

  3. Andrew Brady

    They are doing exactly what Warner Bros. did with recent releases of classic ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoons that feature the character Mammy Two-Shoes. Those also had a warning about outdated cultural depictions.

  4. Donna J

    Disney has been apart of lives for decades…going back to. The 1st Mickey Mouse cartoon…
    Nature films
    To some of Kurt Russell feature films..
    Time less classic
    Old yeller
    Absent minded professor

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