Disney+ price breakdown: Bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+

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After months and months of anticipation, Disney+ has arrived, and we could not be more excited. But what makes launch day even more exciting is that you will be able to finally bundle your Disney+ subscription with the two other streaming services in the Disney family: Hulu and ESPN+.

Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle

Monthly Subscription: $12.99 USD

This is the all-in-one. All of the classic Disney movies and TV shows, all of the current and future MCU content, the Star Wars, and everything from National Geographic and The Simpsons, to NFL football to The Simpsons and The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Now, you can also order these services a la carte, but it’ll cost you a little more: $17.97 USD/month. So in case, you want to explore that option, here are the three services listed out individually.

1) Disney+

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Monthly Subscription: $6.99 USD
Annual Subscription: $69.99 USD

If you are not interested in any of the non-Disney content on Hulu, or the sports on ESPN+, you can just get Disney+ and remember you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to do so. This gives you complete access to everything on Disney+.

2) Hulu

Credit: Hulu

Monthly Subscription with Ads: $5.99 USD
Monthly Subscription Ad-Free: $11.99 USD

Hulu is destined to be a home for non-Disney and all other more adult programs. It will continue to be the home for hit shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock, and it will become the home for Family Guy, the R-Rated Deadpool movies, Logan, and others that did not make the Disney+ cut nor will be censored so they can be featured. Hulu will also become home for all FX content in March 2020.

3) ESPN+

ESPN logo
Credit: ESPN

Monthly Subscription: $4.99 USD

As the name suggests, this is a hub for sports-oriented programming that includes original content like a basketball analysis show hosted by Kobe Bryant and a show discussing NFL highlights. Out of the three, this is obviously the cheapest. With an increase in sports broadcasts being tested on streaming services, the use of ESPN+ will likely continue to grow.

Are you planning to bundle all three of these streaming services?

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