Comments for Cast Member Choice: Disney+ bundle or free admission for family and friends


Credit: Disney


  1. Kenya Barbour

    I would choose Free Admission to the parks. It’s a no brainer.

  2. Matt Brewster

    Since a year of Disney+ costs $84 and a single one-day admission to any of the parks costs almost $150, the decision is obvious- the MEP!

  3. Michelle D

    I”m confused why Disney would want this…..every guest in the park pays for “stuff” at some point, such as souvenirs, food, extra magic events, etc. Guests who are free admissions often spend more on souvenirs and food since they think they are already saving a lot from the admission fees. Why wouldn’t they want to keep that inflow of cash? Unless…..the numbers for Disney + are a lot lower than expected and Disney needs to boost its numbers. Of course, in that case, you’d get a LOT more subscribers by offering every employee the opportunity to get it for $10/year. Yes, they would pay something, but then again, that would make them actually “subscribers” so they would count with everyone in the tally of total number of people subscribing to Disney +. It seems to me that Disney loses either way in the set up they have now. Either they don’t boost their Disney + subscriptions or they lose money in spending at the parks. ($200 light saber, anyone?)

    1. Melanie Durham

      That makes no sense whatsoever

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