Comments for Spoiler Alert: Anna and Elsa meeting in “Frozen 2” outfits at Epcot today

Frozen 2 Meet and Greet

Credit: Disney

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  1. Harley

    Well sadly and no offense to you kelly never but wdw should put spoiler alert above their m&g! You could have chosen 3 outfits as thats as many they change and they go w the finale ones!? Very odd! But i am happy to say as someone whom hated frozen w a passion but found love for it through the musical adored frozen 2 and can not wait to go see the gals in their new attire w my kid and bruni in toe oh course!
    Alot of the movie might go over a young kids head but i cried for most of it bc of its powerful message of love and family which is alot of times is lost in movies and even in our lives sometimes.

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