Comments for Op-Ed: Don’t Lose Faith in Disney World Transportation After Skyliner Crash

Disney Skyliner

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Harley

    Yea ops told me it was power outage at rivera and then they e stopped the gondolas after they realized the crash was going to cause an issue.
    They are test running them again just to make sure everything is 100 before guests load back on… they want to make sure they do not become as useless as the monorail! I spoke w a manager so this didnt come from a cm.

  2. LoveDisney

    I rode these the day they opened and the day after. I loved them. I know some people won’t/don’t but they are really nice. Things happen just like on every other mode of transportation. Nothing is perfect. I completely trust Disney transportation and will continue to use the Skyliner, buses, etc. when visiting.

  3. Michael Mango

    Faith is not the word I would use, WDW invested millions and it will work, one way or another. My problem is they lied. I love Disney, the current leadership lies first and corrects itself later.

  4. Ce

    We were just at WDW last week, and my husband was very disappointed that he didn’t get to experience this “new ride”, as he called it. I agree that WDW has an impeccable safety record; however, let’s remember that these transportation systems are NOT new technology by any means. Perhaps new to the USA and to WDW, but various forms of this type of transportation have been around since the early 1900s (cable cars, ski lifts, etc.). I figured the employees were already being bombarded by questions, so I didn’t inquire while we were there. IF it was, in fact, due to a power outage, that’s quite disturbing to me personally as a long-time power company employee. While I understand that 100% reliability does not currently exist, there are multiple reliable systems that can be (and should have been) in place to greatly reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence. Knowing WDW, they will check, double-check, and triple-check before moving forward, and I sincerely doubt we’ll see another such incident. Meanwhile, we’ll patiently and happily wait to experience this new ride!

    1. Traci

      Death is not “impeccable”. They have a very good safety record not impeccable.

      1. Cecilia

        Traci, I made an egregious mistake in using inappropriate terminology, and I sincerely thank you for the correction. I meant neither disrespect to the family members of the deceased, nor to dismiss the tragedy. Additionally, after I typed this, I recalled that this transportation style is actually not new to WDW, either. The old Disney Skyway connecting Tomorrowland and Fantasyland was closed in the mid-90s. So, they’ve got some experience.

  5. Chazz

    My main issue is it’s probably the most uncomfortable of all options to be trapped on, and by far, the most difficult to be rescued from. It’s Florida. Being suspended in a tin can many feet in the air with no A/C…no thanks. I’ve been stuck on enough broken down WDW attractions not to want to tempt fate on this.

  6. Melanie Durham

    I have FAITH! I cannot wait to experience the skyway!

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