Comments for Bee invasion forces closure of Universal’s Hagrid coaster

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Art

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. I have a solution to the bee problem
    Find a experienced bee keeper to safely remove the bees . That’s a time consuming job . .
    And if there is honey (sell it)..Only a professional can remove the bees.

    1. Harley

      I agree let the professionals work and whatever you do uni do not ignore the problem after a while like alot of things… and just say hey your on a ride called magical creatures!

  2. Seiko

    Even the bees are mad that they removed the far superior dragon challenge B&M inverts.

  3. Mark

    Disney dodged a bullet i am just saying w all the problems and sense of desperation ever since uni got hp and thats all they care about and yet you can not take care of bees!?
    What too much money being paid out for royalties not enough put aside for matience or bee keeping??? At least its just bees if it was yellow jackets or paper wasps they own the joint before you could say harry potter!

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