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    The author makes outstanding points. Off site is the way to go but not just in condos or homes. The major hotel companies have terrific hotels and villa properties nearby that offer a peaceful separation once the hours of enjoying WDW are over. The 12noon tickets for the parks are perfect after having a relaxing breakfast and coffee on your deck that has been made in the unit as well as some pool time. Many have their own whirlpool in the unit. Staying at those properties will also yield points and nights toward elite status in their loyalty programs. Many will offer free parking with free shuttles to WDW. Best of all, that peace and luxury comes at a far lower price than the Disney hotels, many of which have such staggeringly high prices it’s a wonder where they find all the people to fill them given the outstanding options nearby where one doesn’t have to depend on a packed monorail or tram system that could break down.

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    David Cotton

    There is good and bad to all scenarios. If you are planning an Orlando vacation with a few days at Disney Parks or Universal Parks,or maybe just to check out the numerous activities, by all means the vacation home off property is a decent way to go. If you are planning a DISNEY ONLY(!) Vacation, than staying on property is the Best way to Go. Too much time is lost leaving the Parks. Waiting for dining is a huge problem as most restaurants will have at least a 30 min to 60 min wait just to be seated. (Leaving the Park, Drive time, wait time, get back time, park the car time get back through Security time,. In other words, ‘LOTS of TIME away from what you paid for.’ REMEMBER the PRICE YOU PAID FOR THE PARK TICKET! As Buzz Light Year said, “Up Up and Beyond!” I say weigh all Pros and Cons to your Vacation. Then after careful consideration do what’s Best for Your Family and your Dollars Spent!! Hope this Helps. This will be my Family’s 11th trip to Disney World.

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