Star Wars Wampa bean bag chair lets you rip its arm off

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Wampa Bean bag chair with detachable arm

Credit: Game Stop

Looking to take home one of your favorite carnivorous predators from the Star Wars film series and also take out your frustrations on it? Well–now is your chance with this new Star Wars Wampa bean bag chair, which features a detachable arm that can be ripped off of the intergalactic creature and reattached.

Imagine sitting down while enjoying your favorite video game when another player appears and kills you. That can be quite frustrating. But thanks to this new Wampa bean bag chair, you can immediately proceed to rip the arm off of your seat as you release your anger!

Wampa Bean Bag Chair

The chair is currently available for pre-order and is slated to ship by November 1. The chair runs for $149.99. To order one for yourself, click here.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Preorder

Star Wars fans–if this Wampa bean bag chair isn’t Star Wars merchandise enough for you, be sure to also check out this Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp! Currently available for preorder, the officially licensed lamp runs for $65.99

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp
Credit: Merchoid

Brighten your room with the help of everyone’s favorite space travelers: Han Solo and Chewbacca and their infamous hunk of flying space junk–the Millennium Falcon. The lamp features a 60cm angle pose, is shaped and designed to look like the Millennium Falcon, is USB powered, and is an officially licensed Star Wars product. The lamp is due to ship out beginning October 31.

To pre-order the lamp, click here.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter Poseable Desk Lamp

Star Wars Tie Fighter Lamp
Credit: Merchoid

If the Millennium Falcon isn’t your style, then check out this TIE Fighter Posable Desk lamp. The lamp measures 60cm when fully extended and is the perfect ally to get all your work done late at the night. The lamp is USB powered.

To purchase, click here.

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