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Rose from Star Wars The Last Jedi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. TimG

    If it makes them feel better, I won’t buy a Rey, Finn, or Poe character either. Only the original and prequel trilogy characters are worthy.

  2. Harley

    Honestly i noticed alot was missing bc guess what its not done this was just force friday!!! It wasnt heres sw9 merch.
    Anyways i do not think rose was well received and theres new characters they want people to attach too from the new movie. I thought rose was like useless actually anything that took us away to rey ren luke etc aka the main story was useless.
    Honestly thats the difference between force awakens and last jedi was force awakens felt like there was continuity where last jedi had porgs and the kitchen sink and oh theres our characters.
    Thats why i enjoy batuu bc its like i could like what i like and add to it w my story or my star wars thought vs whatever the last jedi was!
    I have hope sw9 will be a bit more together but if it doesnt wrap it up or has just as many huh we do not need this i give up and will be on batuu!

    1. Jackie

      I rather take my chances flying the falcon again bc i did so well last time N enjoying my time at the BSO then watch SW9!

  3. Chazz

    Terrible character. The fact that she was not well received is because she is a terrible character in a bad movie. I’d rather see Jar Jar.

  4. GregR

    You don’t kill Luke Skywalker and then expect the audience/fans to accept a character like Rose Tico.

    1. Mark

      Problem w that statement and others like it is we need to be open to other characters bc thats star wars like anything else! Luke isnt going to live forever just bc fans want too. Even lucas said he would have become one w the force if he was in charge of the movie! I didnt like rose either but the orginal cast had their movies time to move on…. seriously rogue one and rebels has none of these characters and yet there beloved but they are new but 7-9 isnt because ???

  5. GregRZ

    You don’t kill Luke Skywalker and then expect the audience/fans to accept a character like Rose Tico. Lucasfilm must have wanted to end Star Wars.

    1. Jackie

      And just bc no one cares for your opinion doesnt mean you repeat it under different names till you get your pt across no one wants to listen to are you and timg the same person or related bc your a bunch of saps star wars isnt about the orginal cast it never was! They were the introduction but just the force it was going to live and move on n just be! Grow up and realize this besides you sound like cry babies like lucas and hamill! Your not a fan if you rant so much aganist it!

  6. Rebel Porg

    Honestly i hate that my nephew has to choose the dark side thanks to merch for the recent movie like theres no male characters on the resistance….
    Last time i check theres poe and finn and you could put droids on stuff plus just bc rey is now the jedi why does that take it away from the boys??? But then say anyone force senstive can be a jedi isnt that the new thing but my son also must choose the dark side! Sorry my family is resistance all the way and thats sad on disney part for this marketing fail!

    1. Harley

      I feel your son and nephew… my kid is in the same boat! Hes resistance proud and always upset by theres not enough marketed at us then they claim its the skywalker saga whom btw all our favorite heros new and old are resistance/rebels!
      Besides to me its sending kids the wrong message to side w bullies and bad people vs the good whose defending peace no wonder our world is so screwed N merch doesnt help…
      Or its limited!
      Costumes are too!
      Its crazy! But sadly its the way of the world!
      May the porgs be with you rebel porg!

      1. Rebel porg

        Ignite the spark my fellow resistance/porg fan!

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