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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Harley

    As apose to the naysayers i will give this a shot!
    The force is hope and i have hope that is until i see the movie i can not judge nor should i bc i havent seen it nor should i judge just bc someone tells me i should bc its not my star wars that statement is ridiculous bc it could be to someone else and now you insulted a lot of people! You do not know how someone found there way and became a fan!

    1. damion

      thats a long sentence

      1. Mark

        I agree w you harley! And why are there so many grammar natzis on here its a comment board not a spelling exam or grammar check your being rude honestly… maybe people like harley want to quickly comment and do not have the time to take proofread the world bc its just a comment board! Seesh! Do you have a life? Calm down!

  2. Ken Hutchinson

    Well after watching season after season of Lost I am somewhat apprehensive I am forced to pin my hopes that he can fix that abomination called The Last Jedi. At least I will know before our 2021 trip. My view is it has to be better than SW 8. The amount of money I spend at Galaxy’s Edge will sadly be based on it. Blow it and I will save a couple of thousand dollars on toys and never go to another movie.

    1. Darth Applause

      Hear hear! That’s the spirit, Ken!

      Booo Last Jedi!

      And maybe if you’re lucky, by the time you get to Star Wars land, Disney will have remembered to add the “Star Wars” to it.

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