Comments for “Frozen 2”: Where are we now? Elsa and Anna changed since “Frozen”

frozen 2 elsa anna

Credit: Disney


  1. Mickey

    I’m looking forward to seeing them all, but Anna is my favorite. I hope that she gets engaged, and if they make a Frozen III, that we will see her and Kristoff married. Elsa probably should remain single as most of the royalty is married at Disney. Kids need to know that it’s okay not to be married and that nothing is wrong with that.

    1. Guoda

      I completely agree, sadly it seems that it was confirmed that Elsa will have a partner in Frozen 3, and it will be a girl…
      I don’t mind if Disney finally wanna make a character gay, but they can create a new one with a new story, personally I like the way Elsa is, I like her as a single, she’s strong and independent and needs no partner :/

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