Comments for Epcot Forever merchandise celebrates Disney’s new fireworks

Epcot Forever Merchandise

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    There wasnt just epcot forever merch to everyone surprise there was new epcot merch too! I was not expecting that this early it nor did the cms at mousegears apparently i felt so bad for they couldnt stock it quick enough.

  2. Mark

    Did anyone else have issues w the livestream?
    I am at wdw and still had trouble.

    1. Harley

      Thats odd they couldnt just use on of their many extra stations that have nothing on it to livestream it jic. You never know what a persons reason for not being at epcot is?!
      But yes we had to leave before people sat at 5/6pm i couldnt do that to my kid esp bc i know how much it would bother his needs. We already got stared at twice by people whom rudely didnt understand … i was just parenting!
      I hope you enjoy your trip and get to see it in person!

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