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Elton John and The Lion King



  1. He has a right to feel disappointed. This soundtrack doesn’t make the same impact. You want to know why? It’s because this remake has no soul. It’s a recreation of something that was always good to begin with.

    And don’t get me started on that Beyonce album inspired by the movie. Doesn’t anyone know how to make a song exciting anymore? How about some melody instead of sound effects?

    As much as I think Beyonce is a talented singer, Elton John is a legend. He’s real talent, and to be excluded from this film is disrespectful.

  2. Damion

    I have to agree with him. Though the remake is visually stunning it just doesn’t do it for me like the original. There really is no need to remake such a classic, in any form, and I wish Disney would stop. It appears Disney is not alone though, since all the studios seem to be remaking and/or creating sequels to great movies. Has the industry ran out of ideas?

    1. Ali

      I feel the same. This was not up to the original. Disney to stop doing all these remakes. Come up with some original stuff. They are losing fans

  3. Harley

    You know lighting sometimes doesnt strike once let alone twice… honestly i wish these remakes would stop!
    If they were going to remake this or any that have musicals which are more popular than the original movie why not just use those songs or better yet record the musical instead of ruining a classic movie w a life action remake thats insulting esp not only to elton for the music but the original animators that spent yrs of their life to bring this new disney classic to you! It also hurts bc many of these were original hand drawn days of animation its enough cgi is insulting so is this.

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