Comments for Disney World reports $20,000 worth of attraction pieces missing

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Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Honestly how do you steal stuff off of disney property w all the security esp backstage etc. As a past cm i know secuirty is crazy in backstage areas we were watched not to leave in costume via not a cast exit or walk around or even like take something believe me there was a sign from a show i was once in backstage i am not one of those people but i asked how do they keep it from not being taken everything is in an eye line of security camera and has sensors on it esp on stage…. so considering all this was tech on stage… its sad but comical at the same time!

    1. Mark

      Its sad but funny i agreed i feel bad laughing.
      Thats insane how do you move that wo being noticed or like you said harley being on security…. alot has senors on it even the fop 3d glasses have senors that make sure you do not take em. I was on the ride the other day and an alarm started to beep and it was bc someone grandma forgot the glasses. So i am suprised!

    2. Melanie Durham

      Maybe security is involved somehow! And there has to be more than one individual to lift those things I’m sure?! ?‍♀️

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