Disney is selling scented holiday snack pillows (and they’re adorable!)

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disney scented holiday snack plush

Credit: Kelly Coffey / ITM

Disney has been coming out with some pretty amazing Christmas merchandise lately, and we’re so excited to keep adding to our collection! And just like the scents of the Disney Parks add to the atmosphere, the scents of Christmas add to our holiday spirit! That’s why we absolutely love these new scented holiday snack pillows now available at the Disney theme parks.

These adorable plush pillows are small enough to be plush toys and large enough to be adorable Disney home décor. We love that Disney is really embracing fans’ love of snack foods by creating plenty of merchandise themed after our favorite tasty treats, and these plush pillows are almost cute enough to eat! Of course, the gingerbread Mickey Mouse smells just like a gingerbread cookie, and the Mickey-shaped peppermint plush smells just like a candy cane.

The stuffed peppermint plush is simple and classic. We love anything peppermint-flavored or peppermint-scented, and the fact that this one is shaped like Mickey Mouse makes it even better!

disney peppermint-scented christmas pillows
Credit: Kelly Coffey / ITM

We love how detailed the gingerbread Mickey soft plush is. It truly looks like a snack, from the icing outline to the candy buttons and the adorable smiling face. This definitely makes us want to pick up a gingerbread cookie from Candy Palace as soon as they’re available this season!

disney gingerbread Mickey christmas pillows
Credit: Kelly Coffey / ITM

We would love to use these two soft plush pillows as holiday decorations in our homes, or even as décor for a Christmas party. Disney offers plenty of Christmas merchandise from toys to pillows to ornaments and other home décor, so even if these aren’t your style, you’re sure to find something that is.

Each of these new scented Christmas pillows retail for $26.99 each and can be found at various merchandise locations all throughout Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 

disney scented christmas pillows
Credit: Kelly Coffey / ITM

Remember that the holiday season at the Disney Parks is right around the corner, with some festivities starting as early as this weekend, so brace yourselves for even more amazing holiday merchandise coming your way as soon as the season official starts!

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What do you think of these new scented Disney Christmas pillows available now? Let us know in the comments!

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