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Credit: Disney / ComingSoon


  1. Kenneth

    That is a LOT!

    Now..where are past episodes of Wonderful World of Disney?!?

  2. Where the hell are the Ewok movies Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor? What about the droids cartoon. Better yet, no INDIANA JONES?

  3. Ed

    You’re missing way too much of the Marvel Cinematic

  4. TimG

    I’m glad I stopped collecting Disney special and limited edition VHS and DVDs a long time ago. Everything is available online today.

  5. Laura

    I loved loved loved the wonderful world of Disney shows as well as the series that played on the Mickey mouse club back in the 70’s

  6. Tayler

    I don’t think some people have paid much attention to how this is gonna work. A, they still have licensing contracts with SEVERAL of their movie franchises, therefore cannot put EVERYTHING they have on Disney+ in the beginning. B, geez people, how do you think they are going to keep anything new/fresh if everything is available from the get-go? They have to have some content kept back to add at sporadic intervals in the future… I’m just excited to have another option for streaming content, and to have so much available to start will be amazing, with SO much to look forward to as time goes on…


    I AM SHOCKED that the wonderful world of disney from the 70’s is not included!! i have not signed up yet because i am so upset about this. was looking forward to reliving the old animal shows from my childhood. and, wheres the 50’s disneyland show walt hosted just before the opening of disneyland? come on disney!!

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