Wicked new t-shirt styles arrive at Disney Springs

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Villain T Shirts

Credit: Disney

Channel your inner villain with these new Disney Villain t-shirt designs!

What’s a Disney villain without their sinner sidekick? These new t-shirt designs showcase some of our favorite villains alongside their best friend, giving us the perfect opportunity to strut our stuff, just in time for Halloween.

Ursula, Flotsam, and Jetsam

Ursula is the most wicked sea witch out there. Of course, everyone knows her best for teaching us to always read the fine print because we never know what trick Ursula has up her sleeve.

But we also know Ursula best for showing us the importance of body language, and now she is showing off her style on this perfectly purple t-shirt!

Ursula and Jafar t shirt
Credit: Disney

Jafar and Iago

Jafar and Iago are also featured on a shirt of their own! This one’s perfect for fans of the notorious villain and his hilarious sidekick from Disney’s “Aladdin.”

Cruella de Vil

Cruella t shirt
Credit: Disney

Cruella de Vil.. Cruella de Vil.. if she doesn’t scare you, then this t-shirt sure will! Check out this vibrant t-shirt design that is sure to give you a sudden chill once you put it on.

Captain Hook

Hook t shirt
Credit: Disney

When Caption Hook wasn’t busy trying to fight Peter Pan, you can find him running from the crocodile. But of course, he is most famously known for being caption of the ship! Hook really knows how good it is to be bad, and he shows it on this new t shirt design.


This cute cut-out shoulder t shirt is one of a kind (designed for a one of a kind villain, of course). Take evil to a new height with this black, green, and purple design inspired by Maleficent from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”.

Scar and Maleficient
Credit: Disney

The Hyneas

Shenzai, Bonzai, and Ed – They never cease to make us laugh. And now they are laughing their way onto this adorable, yet terrifying, t shirt design! They dare you to scream once you put this Villains Sidekick t-shirt on.

You can get all of these wicked t-shirts at the Disney Style Store in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. They are also available inside the parks on both coasts (Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California).

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Which of these wickedly cute t shirt designs do you want to add to your closet?

in Merchandise, Walt Disney World

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