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Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/Disney Parks


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    Another great article with great points thanks ryan!
    May the force be w you!

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    There is no long term success without adding back Original Trilogy. No one cares for Batuu. There’s no emotional connection with the Sequel Trilogy approach. Certainly it’s not going away, but it’s not here to stay either.

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      Galaxys Edge can easily be reworked into something that feels less “Fanfic” and more “Star Wars”.

      – Get rid of the storyline. It doesn’t appeal to the general park guest.

      – Don’t make it time specific. If modern day Tiana can stand next to centuries old Mulan then why can’t you take a pic with Vader and then go next to Young Obi-Wan.

      – Get rid of the Black Spire stuff. “Till the Spire” and “Bright Suns” just feel like they’re trying too hard.

      – Don’t forget kids! Seriously. Theres so little there for kids.

      Hopefully we see changes soon rather than allowing this land to just exist unchanged. Because as it is then I can see why its a “one and done” experience.

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        Theres no need for fanfic there are books and stop w the orginals were so great all fictional characters are flawed and we worship them bc we are flawed not bc they are better bc we see ourselves in them! Batuu is focused on the new bc there is still star tours! If star tours wasnt there then i see argument fuel batuu is an experience good bad indifferent its your star wars journey whateever you make of it! Its not supose to be black and white what at wdw is???

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        How I would improve Galaxy’s Edge:

        – Open Rise of the Resistance
        Yes I already know ROTR will open later this year in WDW and next year in DL but its still counts as to what I would improve with Galaxy’s Edge.

        – Move The Jedi Training Academy to the ‘Resistance base’ area.
        It’ll give the kids something to do.

        – Add more missions to Smugglers Run.

        – Let The guests get more than one or two containers of coaxiem on Smuggler’s Run.
        I heard somewhere on the internet that you can get three but I’m guessing thats not at all true at this point.

        -Add more interactive elements in the land.
        Not just ones that can be triggered by doing something on your phone, but a more ‘hands on’ approach.

        -Add a third attraction somewhere in the land.
        wasn’t there going to be one where you we’re riding on the back of some kind of creature?

        – ADD ROAMING ALIENS AND DROIDS! Seriously. This my biggest complaint with Galaxy’s Edge! aside from Chewie Why are there no alien characters roaming around? Or droids? most of the characters we currently see walking around the land are Humans (Vi Moradi, Rey, Kylo Ren, The Stormtroopers, An Imperial officer, and CMs)

        Hopefully we’ll see these changes soon rather than allowing this land to just exist unchanged for all eternity. Because right now Galaxy’s Edge is nothing but an overpriced shopping with almost nothing else to do.

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    The “split” in Star Wars isn’t between Last Jedi Fans and Haters. The divide is between Kids and Adults.

    Lets be honest here. What Star Wars has actually resonated with todays kids?
    – Forces of Destiny failed with the target young girls demographic
    – Resistance is aimed at kids that aren’t watching
    – Clone Wars/Rebels are cartoons that are viewed only by adults
    – Postquels have no iconic characters that kids grasp to
    – Rogue One was not a “kids movie”
    – Solo? Good movie but again, kids didn’t jump on board.
    – Disney+. Mandalorian, Obi-Wan, Cassian. Clone Wars S7? Nope. None of them are kid friendly

    And how about Batuu. A land aimed squarely at…. nobody. I can appreciate Hondo and all the little Easter eggs but kids don’t get it. They aren’t crying when they see the Falcon, they aren’t engaged in the Vi storyline, they aren’t finding Stormtrooper quips to be charming. And even when they see a character they recognize like Rey or Kylo then they aren’t allowed to take a picture because these aren’t photo ops, they’re a storyline.

    Star Wars has been imploded by Disney and its a shame. They lost their existing fanbase and they failed to grab the next generation. And one ride based on Rey’s era isn’t going to change that.

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      Darth Ach-to

      B-b-but… Porgs!

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    Tony Ferrante

    We were thrilled to visit Galaxy’s Edge at HS yesterday. But it’s a Grownup Fantasy Land and Incredibly Expensive Souvenir Shop, Not really much of an Amusement Park.
    There’s only one ride. And if you are unlucky enough to be the “Engineers” who sit on the 3rd row of seats behind the “Pilots” and the “Gunners” – You can’t really see anything. They have got to change this, and FAST.
    There are preciously few hooks to get kids involved when their parents drag them out of Toy Story Land and into Batuu.
    I totally grooved on being able to see all facets of the Falcon, and an X Wing, etc, etc; but a most children aren’t watching DVD’s of all the old movies.
    There needs to be a change of focus to give kids something to enjoy, or else It will be a “Grownup” land while one parent stays behind with the children in another section of the park.

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    I am new to star wars thanks to my kids! I hated it with a passion and i am a old school sci fi fan! Sci fi dine is home!
    But star wars was like sharknado to syfy channel to me… it sucked!
    Until i landed on batuu and i read the books w my kids vi story is a great bedtime story i cant wait for them to get older to read themselves! They love batuu and as someone whom hated star wars i got a new sense of admiration for it bc of my experiences…
    Everyone is entitled to speak but speaking from someone whom got reintroduced in the right direction to star wars bc of batuu and the new stuff and resaw the old stuff its all the same bad flawed soap opera but theres something about batuu bc its its own experience in the same world my experience that i can have my kids… thats what disney is marketing on! Not the est fans truly if so thats great but the new fans that maybe could be brought into it from batuu like me! Or how about tourists that might not know star wars i know alot of people outside in the real world not sci fi geek society that have no clue what it is but thats that movie right about force etc. Just to go N have a good time its an experience at dhs for crying out loud not its own theme park then i can see the complaints but its one experience at wdw.

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      Fair points mark and may the force be with you and your kids!

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