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Disney Skyliner

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Harley

    Awesome reporting sean. I was kinda worried at first how things were going to wrk out but should have known saftey d begins w me would be on top of the gondolas!
    I know this is going to sound like a silly question but are regular guest going to be able to ride them just to see em or just hotel guests right now?? I heard a rumor it was only hotel guests at first. Just thought i asked!

    1. Jay A Hlavay

      Anyone can ride the Skyliner. You don’t have to be a resort guest

      1. David

        Try riding it in the Afternoon when it is 93 outside. Do you really think a breeze mitigates heat. Try turning the air off your car when the temps are in the 90’s and you are moving at a decent speed, being a Disney product doesn’t change hot. Oh and when the Gondolas stop for a few moments and there is no breeze, have fun. Oh do not forget the motion sickness either. Listen you shills, your tickets and Merch purchases paid for this system, we Disney Passholders and guests deserve our money be spent better. BTW the buses have air conditioning!

  2. Linda Kincaid

    Just wondering if ECVs will be able to go on the Skyliner

    1. Harley

      I know i once read they are wide enough for em or there might be one like BB has for mount gushmore where its a cabin to you and a guest. I am not 100% sure just what i read in the designing faze. Bc this will be the resorts across the way only access to dhs and epcot i would only hope so !

    2. Jay A Hlavay

      ECVs and wheelchairs less than 30 inches wide van fly on the Skyliner.

  3. Matt Brewster

    I cannot understand why the system us so poorly laid out! For example, why does it run directly over the CBR? Guests staying there won’t appreciate this unwanted intrusion. The noise alone will generate endless complaints.

    1. Nothing is poorly laid out maybe thats the only route it could go?!
      You think the monorail or any of the backroad bus routes that arent great after time went through there minds NO! Its whats going to be the quickest! I havent heard much noise from these things in testing so also unless you havent been to a resort in a while most resorts like rides are built soundproofed enough… example take a resort elsewhere vs disney… i can hear my neighbor there tv and all the traffic! I can only hear my neighboring room at wdw when there in the hall! I barely here a bus… maybe your hearing us better than mine but i doubt a gondala like a bus that wont be running when your sleeping will be that much of a nightmare!

      1. Roger

        i just stayed at CBR and it passed right over our room and couldnt hear a thing

    2. Sheila

      They are quiet. Basically silent.

    3. It’s for all, thousands of people goes to the park every day is anyone worried about their privacy or enjoying the moment?

  4. Ron

    There’s such a easy way to fix the problem of heat and lightning. Don’t ride in the things. Rather then bitch and moan about it don’t get in it. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. People allways have something to bitch about. It’s so sad.

  5. Cathy❤️Disney

    From the King of Imagineering I’m shocked they have not even tried to do something with the Skyliner Support structure. We have a giant antennae next to a remote fire station near here. They painted it like a giant tree with a brown trunk. It has limbs and leaves. It would be perfect at Caribbean Beach for areas just outside the rooms…….like Disney Rocks at the Willie.

    No, they put 5’ trees, wiped their hands and congratulated themselves on how much $$ they saved by firing all those Imagineers.

    MY Disney would have made the area’s near guests walkways (International Gateway) and areas inside the resorts far less industrial.

    Looks like they just didn’t care.

    1. Jeremy

      Couldn’t agree with you more CathyDisney…’s been bothering me to no end since they installed this visual monstrosity….plus they took down so many trees and now you can see things off in the distance/horizon that you never could see when you parked at Hollywood Studios. Whole thing just looks like a way to move cattle…I mean guests…

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